11 Weirdest Looks on the Runway

We usually present on our blog the good and fashion-forward clothes and outfits that we find as inspirational or example-worthy. But fashion is not always haute-couture, or not even prêt-à-porter. Sometimes, a designer makes a really bold move and it works, but sometimes it just doesn`t! Remember that movie, Zoolander?

Anyway, today we have gathered ten of the most bizarre outfits in men`s fashion for you to see and learn that just because something is called “fashion”, it`s not necessarily style. We don`t know what the intention of the designers were, but we don`t think it was to create Halloween costumes of jokes, although it might have.

Of course, there is a vision behind these clothes, but the presentation and the first thing you think when you see them is “this is weird”.

Anyway, read our comments and write us your own!



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you think? Why is fashion sometimes weird? Do you like weird fashion? Share your comments below!

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