A Guide To Sunglasses For The 2013 Summer (B)

They are called shades, sunglasses, glecks (in Scotland) or sunnies (in Australia); we all like them, and most of us actually need them. In case you don’t know why sunglasses are so useful, here’s why: they prevent bright sunlight and high energy visible light (for example snow) from discomforting and damaging your eyes. Specialists, and by this we mean specialists in medicine this time, recommend that we wear them every time the sun comes out. This way we will always have our eyes protected from UV (ultraviolet) radiation and blue light, which can cause serious damage to your eyes.

But, since the 1940s, sunglasses have become popular as a fashion accessory too, and here’s where the other kind of experts, the fashion experts, come into the equation. That’s a great equation.

Throughout history, sunglasses have had different forms and shapes. For example, the Inuits had a type of sunglasses (although they had no glass) that reduced the wearer’s exposure to sunlight, not the sun’s intensity.

This is a prehistoric Eskimo protective eyewear

This is a prehistoric Eskimo protective eyewear

Modern sunglasses however, were introduced in America in 1929 by Sam Foster. In the Hollywood Golden Era, the actors used to wear sunglasses because they were blinded by the powerful lights, which had no UV filters like they have today.

Today, sunglasses are very sophisticated: they protect the eye from glare and improve your visual clarity and comfort when worn.

Sadly, not all sunglasses are made to the highest standard, so we advise you make sure you buy quality shades. If they are not manufactured correctly, or they have some sort of properties you are not aware of, they could hurt your eyes more than they help. In case you live in Europe, or buy sunglasses from here, you will find the “CE” sign on safe shades. There is no International standard yet, but it is being worked on.


Sunglasses are one of the accessories that are not being worn only on Earth. Astronauts also wear a special kind of sunglasses when they go into space. Coming back on Earth, sunglasses are worn by sportsmen and in other fields. In sports, the frames of the sunglasses are usually made out of nylon, because they are flexible and lightweight.

What makes sunglasses different from normal glasses is that thy offer protection and that their lenses are colorful. It is also recommended that sunglasses should have broad temple arms, so that they protect you from the “stray light”. Coming back to the lenses now, there are more types of colors which have different purposes and act in different ways.

Here’s how:

  • Gray and green lenses are usually considered to be neutral because they maintain true colors.
  • Brown lenses normally cause some color distortion, but they increase contrast as well.
  • Turquoise lenses are perfect for medium and high light conditions, because they are good at enhancing contrasts, but do not cause major color distortion.
  • Yellow is considered best for object definition, but it creates a harsh visible light; amber allegedly makes distant objects to appear more distinct, especially in conditions of snow or haze. These lenses are highly popular with hunters, skiers,  pilots and boaters.
  • Purple and blue lenses are mainly cosmetic.


The frames of the sunglasses are usually similar to those of vision glasses, but the lenses are usually bigger, which is a good thing because they protect your eyes better and there are some shapes that have become associated with sunglasses, for example the aviator sunglasses or the tea-shade sunglasses (similar to those Mick Jagger, John Lennon or Jerry Garcia used to wear).

Some famous brands when it comes to sunglasses are of course Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Kaenon Polarized.

In the picture, we present you some sunglasses that are really fashionable this season, so we invite you to pick your favorite! Enjoy!





Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. Which one was your favorite? What kind of sunglasses do you wear? Will you be wearing a trendy pair this season? Do you wear sunglasses for aesthetic reasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Hi – I’m wondering where the best place is to buy safety glasses for sports like squash or raquetball. Any suggestions? Your normal links don’t have any….

    • You can get them probably at stores that retail sporting goods. We’re sure there are stores specialized in squash or raquetball, but you are more likely to find specialized glasses at a store that covers all sports. Of course, this also depends on your location.

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