How To Wear Denim. A Quick Guide (B)

Jeans are one of the most (if not the most) worn pieces of clothing in the world. We can say that they are somewhat the representative signature-look for the modern global society.

Jeans are made of denim. You probably didn’t know that the word denim comes from the French “de Nîmes” which means “from Nimes”, which is the town the fabric originated in. Nowadays, denim is an industry that produces over $50 billion annually. How To Wear Denim. A Quick Guide


They come in all shapes and sizes, and lately, in all colors. We all wear jeans and denim jackets because they are comfortable, soft and warm. Which is pretty much how clothes should be.

There are maybe a few groups of people we associate with jeans and denim in general, like cowboys, but that’s a thing of the past, right?

Now, you have jeans for all types of people: from swagger jeans to skinny jeans. But that doesn’t mean they are all good. For example, the just mentioned swagger jeans are not a denim piece we would recommend. Pants and clothes in general must fit the frame of your body and must not be too loose.

But let’s take it step by step into what you need to consider when you wear denim shirts, jackets or jeans (or who knows what else).



First of all, if you are not sure which way to go, consider a dark-wash jean, as they look the dressiest and it’s hard to go wrong with such a pair if it fits right. Many people buy jeans that are too large or too tight, so make sure that the size of your jeans is the size of your waist. Don’t try to fit into a pair that doesn’t fit you, it will just not look good and, most of all, it will be uncomfortable. If you are planning on buying a pair of jeans that you want to wear all the time, you can buy a pair that is a little smaller, as they tend to stretch after several wears.


Jamie Dornan and Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Jeans 02


Many men tend not to wash their jeans, but seriously, they need to we washed. It’s best if the first wash is not very recent after you first bought them, so until then, you can air them when you are not wearing them.

Keep in mind that finding jeans that are too cheap probably means they are not the best quality. Also, the golden rule of jeans is that they have to fit you, not the other way around. So, be prepared to try on many pairs.

On another note, when you wash your jeans you should do it inside out, as it will prevent them from loosing their color too fast.


Denim jackets

Denim jackets are weirder piece of clothing. We don’t recommend that you wear them with jeans, even though some people would argue the opposite, but wearing a denim jacket with denim jeans is like being Matchy McMatch, and that’s kind of a thing of the 1970s.


Men denim jacket


Also, usually denim jackets should be worn only on highly casual occasions: you can wear them while hiking or similar occasions.

Generally denim is not a formal or sophisticated fabric, so don’t think you will look all dressed up in it. Denim, whether it’s jeans, jackets or anything else should be kept for informal occasions.

On another note, when it comes to shirts made out of denim, we don’t much recommend them. We wouldn’t say they never work ,but it’s hard to find a context in which they will be appropriate. If you disagree, let us know in the comments!


What to wear with denim


Man in denim


Regular denim (in all shades from light blue to black) is a neutral, so it can be worn with anything. Due to the fact that we are so used to it, it goes very often unnoticed, so this is why we would recommend that you wear it with a bright pattern, like checkers or stripes that will make both the pattern and the denim pop. Because jeans are so casual, you can wear jeans with funky socks, a vest,  a moto jacket or a shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Colorful denim should be worn just like any other clothing type, you can read our article on choosing colors, but because of the already mentioned use we have with it, you can combine it with a softer fabric. This way, it will not only create visual interest, but will add flow and whit to your outfit. Also, white jeans are usually not recommended as they get dirty really fast and don’t actually look that well either.

Make sure the shoes you wear are not formal when you wear jeans, as this combination does not go.


Overall, denim is a great fabric, but you should not overuse it and always wear at appropriate occasions.


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