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Sandals have been around for about 10,000 years. In this time, they evolved, changed and adapted from culture to culture, from need to need, from space to space. There are about 20 types of sandals that we are aware of. For example, a “clog” is a heavy sandal, having a thick, typically wooden sole, while a “jipsin” is sandal made of straw that originated in Korea. “Caligae” is a heavy-soled Roman military shoe or sandal and the list can go on.

Sandals have of course originated in areas with hot climates, such as Southern Italy, Greece or Egypt. Of course, this is why today we wear them in summer. Sandals are great to be worn in summer because they allow your feet to breath and because of this, you will feel comfortable and will develop less bacteria than you would with a closed shoe.Many men wonder if they should wear sandals or not, and if they should, should they wear them with socks.

Well, first of all,we think you can wear sandals, but in very casual environments, as they are dress-down borderline. It depends a lot on the type of sandal you wear and the outfit you pair it with. Sandals usually go with casual outfits, they should not be worn with too dressy clothes, as they will contrast in a negative way. Also, sandals should not be worn while hiking, as you can get small sticks and rocks in your shoes and be really uncomfortable. Make sure, that whenever you wear sandals, your toenails look their best and your heels as well.

Sandals are the high-end version of the slipper. Slippers should only be worn at the beach or in a similar environment, while sandals can be worn on many other occasions. However, we would not recommend wearing sandals at the office.

Can you wear sandals with socks? This is a very big thing among sandal wearers. Well, basically, sandals are there to let your feet breathe, so adding socks would seem unnecessary. Some brands, however, like Bottega Veneta, experimented with socks and sandals. We would draw the line and say that the rules are: you can wear sandals with socks, but the socks need to be dressy, they can’t be sports socks and you can’t wear sandals and socks if your sandals have a strap that divides your first two toes.

Of course, wider straps are better, as thin ones can really hurt your feet.

So, here are some sandals that are really cool for this summer. We chose the ones we found had more of a distinct and original design, so let us know which one are your picks:




Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. Do you wear sandals? What do you hold about wearing sandals and socks? Which one of these is your favorite? Share your comments in the space below!

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  1. And for God’s sake, don’t wear sandals if you have gnarly feet! Nobody wants to see your hammer toes or 3″ long yellow toenails!

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