Autumn Inspiration From Designers

The collections for the f-w 2013-14 season have been presented a lot of time ago. However, we feel that many men would want to see them now in the context of the time they have been created for, in the time they are, let’s say “active”. Looking at these collections is a great way to find your inspiration and to learn how to say “autumn” without the classic leaves.

From Belstaff to Valentino, all the great fashion brands offered their lines for the fall-winter 2013/14 season. By making an short analysis of all the collections, we can see a few red strings going through most of them. The clothes for this season take a look to the past, but they do it from the future.

We can say that the collections are basically the way the designers feel that the people from the future will re-appropriate the past. And you know how they say, “the future is now”. As contrasts take the stage, we admire the beautiful mustard tones along with strong browns and blues.

This idea of contrast is also expressed on the level of the cut. Some pieces fit the body perfectly, while others are more on the flowing over-sized side. It’s basically a message of choosing what suits you best.

In terms of accessories, we see a lot of big bags and leather details here and there. As far as fabrics go, we can see a variety of natural, clear fabrics, which is something we are very excited about!

These outfits are meant to inspire you and to help you incorporate new things that you feel represent you in your wardrobe. It’s also a great way to keep up with the fashion world and with what is happening in style right now.



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What is your favorite piece from our collection? What other outfits should we have added in the slideshow? What do you make of these trends? Share your comments below!

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