A Guide To Festive Clothes For Men

Bringing the holiday cheer through your wardrobe

Festive clothes are something we think all men should enjoy. Around the holiday filled season, if you want to dress sharp yet bright for a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve, you can do that without a lot of effort, but with a lot of impact.

Regardless of your creed, the holidays are fun and a great opportunity to bring a twist to your outfit. Because that’s what festive clothes are all about. We want to spare you and the people around you from those Christmas sweaters that are, in our opinion, way too explanatory and tautological. You want to be be more subtle, right, gentlemen?

Obtaining a subtle, yet powerful holiday look that will be memorable years to come is simple and can be achieved by anyone. To obtain this look, we have put together some tips anyone can use. As usually, we encourage you to take what fits you and your style, and not to consider these are unbreakable rules.

Basically, we want you to wear the same things you normally wear, it is unnecessary to break or leave your style if you are comfortable with it and don’t need to change it. The trick is to add a holiday twist to it. A holiday twist, as we like to put it, is something that says “winter holidays” without spelling it out or representing it in a obvious form, such as a big print of a Christmas tree or Santa.



Identifying subtle motifs

How to identify holiday motifs that are not too obvious? It is quite simple, actually. We always say that beauty is everywhere and that you can find your inspiration in any field, not just in runway shows and stores (even though, these are some good places to look as well). Look around yourself and see what the surroundings are at this time of year. Go beyond the shapes and contours, and see what colors, patterns, types of shine and textures appear. You will notice that you can turn the holidays decor into clothes very easily.



Colors, textures, shine

In terms of colors, you will probably identify not only green and red, but also white, especially that creamy, volume-filled white. In case you were following one of those old sayings, like “green and red should never be met”, it’s time to change your (Christmas) tune and say “green and red are OK to be met”. These two colors, even though they are individually very bright and strong, go well together, as they are complimentary colors (meaning they are on opposite sides of the spectrum) and therefore can be matched well. Did you think the holidays were poorly matched?

Other things you might notice around you are the wonderful patterns that seem to emerge this time of year. From checkers to beige drawings, you will see it all. Try to incorporate these as well. If you don’t want to go too obvious, you can simply wear a pocket square with a holiday staple.


You can find inspiration for your clothes in the world around you.


To continue, you will also see a lot of shine. There’s no better time than the festive season to experiment with shine. A shiny shirt or a pair of shiny shoes are said (by us, of course) to go a long way.



Outfit suggestions

1) Wear a colorful tuxedo or jacket

A special tuxedo can be special not only in terms of color, but also in terms of fabric: here is a a wonderful green velvet tuxedo, perfect for a New Year’s party.


We are huge fans of colorful tuxedos. They are holiday-appropriate, and make a great visual impact. The tuxedo is a strong piece as it is, and the holidays are one of those rare occasions when you can wear a more wacky tuxedo, without taking heat for it. While generally a tuxedo is black, a colorful one will keep the elegant and formal tone, but it will express a lot of cheer and can be worn at a Christmas party or on New Year’s Eve. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to wear a tuxedo, you can also take your regular blazer or jacket to the next level.

Add a pop of red to your outfits!



2) Wear a vest

A vest if very appropriate piece for the holidays (and in general too). It’s functional, because it keeps you warm, but it is also very stylish, as it adds a layer to your outfit, creating visual interest, and it shows your shirt off, unlike a sweater that would cover almost all of it. A festive vest can turn any outfit into a holiday outfit, so make sure you have those vests handy.


Vest ideas for winter festivities. Make your skin tone shine by choosing the right colors for you!


3) Wear accessories

Accessories are generally a great way to express who you are without having to spell it out to someone. Wear a tie clip, a watch or a pocket square to show your personality off, and why not give them a Christmas feel?


4) Shine your shoes

This shoe by Kurt Geiger is perfect to say shine, but not to overdo it.


Even though we explained how to shine your shoes a while ago, we also encourage you to wear shiny shoes. While many men fear wearing them, show your courage this Christmas by putting on a fancy pair of shoes (the type of shoes – we’ll leave that up to you).


As an additional tip, we would recommend you to get a fresh hair cut. Getting a new hairstyle will make your face brighter and more open and will not leave people looking only at your fancy clothes.


In conclusion, it is easy to be stylish around the New Year. However, keep in mind, that the holidays are in the mind and don’t forget to relax and enjoy them with the people you care for.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you like about the holidays? What are you planning on wearing on Christmas or on New Year’s? Where do you find your inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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