A Look To The Future: The Hermès SS 2014 Menswear Collection

Hermès is one of those brands that simply keep on delivering and never let us down. The Hermès SS 2014 Menswear Collection was presented at PFW (Paris Fashion Week) earlier this year and we think that it really took some fashion “don’t’s” and turned them into “do’s”.

First of all, we can see a lot of neutral colors, which is not necessary something the runway lights have not seen before, but the way they did it was incredibly innovative. Hermès teaches us a valuable lesson on how to use just the right shade of a neutral color and just the right cut  to take a neutral piece that you would normally consider a supporting piece and use it as a main piece.

The main colors of the collection were white, brown, grey, black, but the color that truly shined on the runway in our opinion, was the wonderful shade of teal we found in some of pieces. But we can also see straight trousers crafted out of micro patterned prints shaped as some of the brand’s tie motifs.

The collection, designed by Véronique Nichanian, was cut from relaxed fabrics and we could even see some unpressed items. This is another rule that the designers at Hermès seem to let us break next spring.Speaking fabrics, the materials that defined the collection were not the sumptuous croc that occasionally appears in the Hermès menswear collections, but silvery lambskin and a lot of cotton and linen.

The clothes were paired with wonderful accessories: from shoes to bags and ties and the range of presented items is very wide. We can see from casual clothes, to rather formal ones.

It seems that now you can be a stylish man even if you wear only wrinkled clothes, neutral colors. To conclude, we learn that you can be relaxed and fancy at the same time and that being bohemian can be very well mixed with being super-sophisticated. And that, guys, is the future!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you think of the collection? Do you like to wear neutral colors as a fashion statement? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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