The Todd Snyder Fall-Winter 2014 Collection in Review

The Todd Snyder Fall-Winter 2014 menswear collection featured an eclectic ensemble of pieces, motifs and styles.  The collection, which was presented at New York Fashion Week, was defined by the smart approach with which the designer showcased his take on a new, contemporary look. Sporty pieces were mixed with formal ones in a creative, non-shocking manner.

The 1960s Mods were the inspiration for this collection as well as the rock and roll stars of the late 60s. Snyder stated that: “I was born in the late sixties, but the early sixties were so much cooler”, which is why he chose as his sources of inspiration the elegant rebels of that time.

The collection is basically a quite complete wardrobe designed for a cold time, but with functionality and style in mind. Snyder noted that: “I want my guy to feel comfortable, but also like he’s wearing the coolest things.”

In terms of pieces, we could see everything from semi-formal pieces to short jackets and even graphic knitwear with geometric motifs. Some pieces were actually very sporty and casual but just as sleek as the formal ones. The looks used a lot of layers and featured vests, coats, bomber jackets and even sweatpants. With cropped pants and bomber jackets as statement pieces, this collection was a mix of history, modernity, functionality and style.

The color palette of the ready-to-wear garments was a very trendy one, being in tandem with the palettes chosen by other designers for their fall-winter 2014 collections. One can see a lot of neutrals (white, black, gray, beige, etc.) and some dark shades of purple, such as aubergine and even dark blues. The lack of bold colors was compensated by the use of subtle prints, which refined the outfits and gave them an edge. The attention to detail is remarkable in this collection. The clothes have textures that are not visible from afar, but they become style statements once you enter the wearer’s close circle.

A piece we found to be interesting in the collection were the Chelsea boots, which were versatile and worked very well with all the outfits. It’s hard to create a pair of shoes that is so versatile and appropriate for so many looks.

Of course, these looks are not for anyone, and that’s a good thing; but the pieces, if mixed together, can be suited for any modern man!


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