Summer around the Clock: How to Dress for Every Time and Place

Summer is an amazing five months for some, two months for others, period; and, no matter how long it is for you, we truly recommend that you enjoy it to the fullest!

We have put together a collection of our favorite looks from the spring-summer 2014 fashion campaigns of a diverse palette of designers and companies, which are a perfect source of inspiration in terms of mixing pieces, choosing clothes and making the best of your appearance this season.

The tricky thing about summer is that in most places, temperatures tend to vary quite a lot between morning, when it gets quite cold, noon, when the sun is burning the most and evening/night, when it tends to get a little chilly. Besides this, unless you are a student, you can’t probably afford to spend the whole summer getting a tan in your swimsuit. What this means is that you need to have appropriate outfits for all the settings in which you will be finding yourself. Having a versatile wardrobe is definitely something very important, so you can dress up or dress down your pieces.


The morning

Whatever you are planning on doing in the morning, summer mornings are tough when it comes to style.


Oliver Baggerman for Alida Dominguez

Oliver Baggerman for Alida Dominguez


If you are getting ready and having breakfast in bed, there is no need to put on something else than your underwear, but if you go outside to meet with a friend or to jog along the beach limit, you can opt for a diverse range of sporty clothes. While at first you might want to wear a sporty sweater, you should wear something light underneath or go bare-chested if you are simply coming back home or staying at the beach.

Fashion by Armani jeans

Fashion by Armani Jeans




Lunch hour is a very hot time during the summer and is generally viewed as a transitional time from the warm morning to the even warmer afternoon. This is why it should be treated as such. Dressing up for the middle of the day can be quite tricky, but we have just the tips to make you look well.

We know that you don’t need to add many layers, but still want to look presentable. This is where patterns come into place. A patterned shirt can make a very big difference and it can be easily paired with a pair of shorts or long pants in a neutral color. This Shanghai Tang look illustrates just how you can make use of patterns and textures to obtain a simple, yet visually interesting look.




Also, if you have a more sporty personality, you can always opt for a rather sporty look and simply go for a bright color and a neutral.







The beach

Beaches get very crowded during the summer, but what’s interesting about them is that there are several types of beaches.


Swimwear by Aussiebum

Swimwear by Aussiebum


It’s not hard to pick your beach attire; basically you will be wearing either shorts and a t-shirt or a swimsuit.




Unless you are in a Tommy Hilfiger look book, there is no reason you should wear plain underwear at the beach. Even though regular underwear and swimsuits tend to have similar structures, the fabric is what makes the difference. This is a great example to see how much two identical items can differ if they are made from different fabrics.


The afternoon

Summer afternoons are not a time to spend at the beach or hitting the streets, as this is when the sun is at its highest power. To avoid getting sunburns, stay inside or visit a restaurant with a cooling system. Afternoons are a great occasion to wear colorful suits. Colorful suits are not very formal and there are not many occasions and setting in which you can wear one.




In Florentino’s spring-summer 2014 look book you can see many colorful suits featured. If you are a man who wants to be seen, you can wear an orange suit or something in a brighter color. Otherwise, you can still keep it colorful, but opt for a darker shade, such as navy or dark blue.




Here’s what we can learn from the Florentino campaign:

  1. These two Florentino outfits teach are great examples of how well complementary colors go together: blue and orange make a great match (jacket+pocket square / jacket+pants) and of how you can mix complementary colors in different shades (notice how in the second picture, the pants are a lot lighter than the jacket in the first one).
  2. Also, note that your pocket square needs to be different from your jacket and tie, both in terms of color and in terms of fabric.


The city



For many elegantologists, summer will be all about being in the city. If the décor won’t change, you can change your clothes for a more summer feeling and order something special to eat or drink to make it feel like summer. Summer is a state of mind, men!




The Hogan spring-summer 2014 campaign featured Irish actor Jamie Dornan as their image and is a great example of clothes you can wear in the city during the summer. The collection is composed of classic pieces, with distinct Italian cuts. The colors range from clear white to dark navy or black, with no prints and textures in sight. These clothes make amazing summer looks, due to their versatility, simplicity and hint of nautical elements.


The wild




We know that not everybody wants or can spend their summer at the beach. Wouldn’t it be fun if the whole population of the planet would migrate towards the coasts in the summer leaving everything in between empty? Spending your summer a place where hills, mountains and forests rule is a very good idea as well, as the air is very fresh and allows you to breathe in ways no beach can. The LOB spring-summer 2014 campaign, references tropical elements in a very subtle way and we feel that it is a great example of what you can wear if you are spending a lot of time in “the wild”. The photos were shot in Yucatán, Mexico. What you can learn from this picture is that:

  1. You can wear the same print twice (left)
  2. That blue and green go together well and are very harmonious, as it is a color combination that is often found in nature: the leaves and the sky don’t clash in terms of color!




Also, if you are planning on becoming an explorer this summer, you might find some inspiration in this DSQARED2 picture. It might look a little romanticized and absurd (if you don’t count the aesthetic factors), but there are a few things you can learn from it:

  1. Sometimes when you are walking in the wild, a shirt is a better option than a t-shirt, as you can open it to cool off, without taking it all off and getting cold on your back, which is probably sweaty if you are that warm.
  2. If you want to explore new territories, opt for a strong pair of shoes. Don’t walk out in sandals or espadrilles; you never know when you will find a puddle of mud you’ll need to cross.
  3. A belt is always a nice touch, even if you are hiking on the hills.


The evening




Evenings are basically extensions of summer afternoons. Having dinner in style does not necessarily mean that you need to be dressed to the nines, unless you are going to a very formal dinner. Otherwise, a casual blazer is a great way to style up your outfits. Adding a pocket square can definitely make a difference and improve your overall appearance.


The club

Many people vacation in resorts or cities that throw summer parties from May to September. Club wear is a big dilemma for many people, but we think that dressing up for a club shouldn’t be hard. Basically, what you should do is imagine a formal outfit and tone it down as much as you can, but still keep the frame. For example, instead of wearing a formal dark jacket, you can wear a colorful jacket from a light fabric.

The Simons campaign for the ss 2014 season features some great colorful suits paired with colorful shirts and ties.




Also, if you go to a party or a beach event during the night, you can find a lot of inspiration in the opulent Just Cavalli looks. Flashy colors, busy patterns and comfortable jeans are the staple of a night party.





The gala






If you spend your summer evening attending a theater show, an exhibition opening or a similar event, you should definitely opt for a well-fitted, light and sophisticated suit. Dolce & Gabbana’s collection features many colorful suits, which you can wear if the dress code allows, but also lots of white suits. Summer is a great time to wear white, but you should make sure you don’t wear it in dusty or dirty environments, such as a beach party or a club, where they might get dirty.




Moreover, what we can learn from the Dolce & Gabbana campaign are the following two things:

  1. You should always add a little shine to your outfits. This will make them more special and they will have a more sophisticated air.
  2. You can wear a suit with no socks.


Summertime is a wonderful time to invest in new pieces, to change up your wardrobe and to try on different things. But how to know in what investment is worth and which one is not? As an additional tip, we can tell you that investing in certain styles is something you can rely on, especially if you invest in quality pieces. Styles such the nautical one or the western one are not going to go out of style anytime soon (they haven’t for the last century, so why would they now?). Therefore, these clothes will be just as stylish next year. Consider mixing up styles and pieces: designer clothes with non-label clothes, classic styles with modern pieces, etc. and you will have a wardrobe that will be sustainable and elegant.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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