The 25 Best Menswear Looks from Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015

Milan was the second city to become the global center of men’s fashion, after the British capital finished its fashion shows earlier in June. The collections presented at Milan Fashion Week are the creations designed for the spring-summer 2015 season.

The designers went all out and since the runway shows in Milan are over, you can start looking for inspiration and ideas for new clothes and outfits. It’s our belief that the complete looks you could see down the runway in Milan were mostly accessible to the average man, most of them having a high wearability factor.


We took a good look at all the menswear collections designed for the spring-summer 2015 season that were showcased during Milan Fashion Week and made a collection of our favorite looks!

It was really great to see what brands such as Gucci, Ermanno Scervino, Dolce and Gabbana or Canali presented, as they are always delivering such amazing creations. What we really liked about the collections overall was the fact that it seemed that the designers wanted to cover as many aspects of fashion as possible: we could see everything, from very hip and urban clothes and sneakers to casual outwear jackets and highly formal suits.


Since the various designers worked with such a large palette of fabrics, shapes, cutes and colors, it is quite hard to comment on the whole event, but there were a few trends that could be identified. For example, the use of cream instead of white seemed to be a connector of several collections. Cream is a more accessible color to most men, as men usually tend to stay away from wearing crispy white. Bold color combinations and relaxed silhouettes were also staples of this season’s collections.

When it comes to the shape of the creations, the trend started at LCM was continued in Milan as well. Boxy, oversized clothes went side by side with fitted shirts, pants, single- and double-breasted jackets, even though the collections presented at MFW seem to have featured more fitted items than boxy ones.

While the shows presented at London Collection: Men were quite colorful, the creations as Milan Fashion Week were mostly shades of ivory, cream and some dark neutrals with the occasional pop of color. Of course, some designers featured highly colorful looks, but the trends were light neutrals mixed mostly with different shades of blue and red.

The clothes however, were not the only ones that were in the spotlight. The fabulous looks presented on the runways were accessorized with an amazing array of shoes, bags, belts and ties. Occasionally, we could also see headgear, which came as an unexpected surprise.


Take a look at a collection of our favorite looks and read the commentary! Then, decide which outfits or pieces you liked best!



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What did you think of the Milan Fashion Week spring-summer 2015 collections? Which one was your favorite? Was there one you did not like? Share your comments below and don’t forget that you can subscribe to our website via e-mail or you can follow us on our social media!

16 thoughts on “The 25 Best Menswear Looks from Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015

  1. While not being something I’d personally wear myself, I love the Giorgio Armani outfit shown above. It’s very different from what I’m used to seeing men wear, but it still looks masculine and modern. For me, personally, if I were to wear one of these looks, I’d go with the sweater and pants from Canali. It’s simple and understated but still interesting, which is what I normally go for.

    • Hy Jade,

      The Armani outfit is definitely a very interesting one, it is very well crafted and even though at first you might have mixed feelings, as you said, it is still masculine and modern.

      Indeed Canali had a great collection, and we’re glad that you are big fan of simple yet interesting outfits! Simplicity and interest should always go hand in hand! Stay tuned for our post on Paris Fashion Week!

  2. I think the pink trousers with the beige raincoat, printed shirt and mauve tie are a very attractive and nicely coordinated combination – very good.

    Cheers and my best regards, James 🙂

  3. Hard to choose my fav. collections but I will say the ensembles that jump out at me in this collage: I love the salmon pink Verasce suit, I wish I could see more men wear this colour from head to toe, speaking of which Pharrell Williams would look fab in this. I also adore the Les Homme maxi trench coat and printed F. Morello suit!

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