Men’s Style Icon: Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer is known for his roles on the highly popular “White Collar” series and for his roles in silver screen movies such as “Magic Mike”. But his appearances on the big and the small screen are not the only thing he is known for, his style and fashion choices also brought him a big and loyal fan base that admires his way of reflecting his personality, taste and preferences through his clothes and accessories.

The Missouri-born actor has been featured several times on “best-looking” and “best-dressed” lists – always at the top- and his looks on the “White Collar” show have also made him decide to partner up with Gilt and create a fashion line inspired by his character, Neal Caffrey, a con artist recruited by the FBI as part of a work-release program. His “Caffrey Collection” is composed of various pieces inspired by men like Cary Grant and Jack Kerouac, who are some of the 20th century’s most famous style icons.


Matt Bomer for Gilt man


In his real life, due to his good looks and fun attitude, Matt was named by People magazine “the sexiest man alive”, which, even though is subjective, is definitely a sign that his presentation is always one that is remarkable and memorable.


Matt Bomer in People magazine


His personal style is enjoyed by millions from around the world and serves as a source of inspiration and creativity for his fans who watch him in movies and in his USA Network series.


We like Matt’s style because he is really the expression of a modern man: he can wear a simple tank top and make it look amazing, but he can also wear a black tie outfit with the same ease with which he wears a casual everyday outfit.

Even though he is a guy who enjoys a good suit, Matt often keeps it very simple. Speaking about his style, Matt once said that: “When you reach your 30s, you develop a much stronger sense of who you are, and that simplifies everything—from what I wear to who I spend my time with.” Even though he claims to be a “t-shirt and jeans” guy, Matt always knows how to make simplicity stand out and look good, whether it is a casual outfit or a formal one. Matt’s clothes are always occasion-appropriate and tailored to fit his frame well. Even though he sometimes finds himself buying vintage suits from second hand stores, he claims that he always makes sure that he takes them to a tailor to alter them according to his frame and size. These are very valuable lessons from which we can all learn and make use of.

The reason why Matt always looks put together is very simple; and he expressed it very clearly in an interview he gave a while ago, stating that “if you look and act like you are making an effort, it will be appreciated.”

Breaking down Matt Bomer’s outfits reveals how making use of simple tricks, a man can look sharp and express his personality through his look.



Casual outfits

When it comes to his casual outfits, Matt likes to pair separates and to play with colors such as red and blue. Matt also enjoys to wear layered outfits, sometimes adding a vest or a cardigan to his look and knows when and how to wear a casual suit.




Leather jackets seem to be one of his preferred pieces, which he pairs with jeans and simple v-neck tops. This is a look that is very practical, comfortable and visually interesting; the combination of fabrics gives the outfit dimension and depth and the cut of the top’s neckline opens up his face and draws attention to his features and not to his clothes.




Matt Bomer in a classic suit featuring peak lapels


When it comes to formalwear, Matt is a guy who knows when to wear a casual suit and when and how to wear a formal suit (or he has a very good stylist). Just like with his casual looks, Matt often accessorizes his formal looks by adding a pocket square, a tie clip or both.


Matt Bomer wearing an exquisite white bow tie


Very often, he wears bow ties, especially when attending red carpet events or award ceremonies, which make him look dapper and original. To step it up, not only does he wear bow ties, but he often wears big, white bow ties, which add visual interest to his look and make him stand out from the crowd.




Another sartorial statement that seems to be one of Matt’s trademarks is wearing suits in light colors. By wearing light-colored clothes in shades of white or light blue, Matt shows that men can take style risks, wear something that is out of the ordinary and still look fantastic. Even though Matt makes such bold statements, he always keeps it simple and seems to enjoy wearing neutral colors, such as beige, white, blue, tan and more.






To style up his outfits, Matt appeals to accessories for a more polished and refined look. Hats, ties and glasses, as well as pocket squares and leather belts are all part of his image. His accessories are always cohesive; they all have a vintage vibe which is the energy that Matt always seeks to send out. Wearing classic pieces with modern cuts and colors makes him look modern and sleek, but grounded and serious at the same time.


With his vintage vibe and bold statements, Matt Bomer is one of Hollywood’s leading style icons. His initiatives to work with layers, bright colors and accessories make him a good model from whom any guy can learn a thing or two.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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