Dressing Up in the Fall: Men’s Edition (B)

Autumn is the perfect season for men to explore new styles, discover new fashions and experiment with their clothes. The reason why fall is just the right moment to try something new is because it is that right time in which you can mix and match things and easily transition from one outfit to another. Because autumn is so offering from a sartorial point of view, you can play with your clothes as much as you want and not to look either over or underdressed.

The three autumn months are just the right time frame to wear more interesting pieces and to reveal your style. This is the time when you can sport those colorful socks you have been waiting to wear, that fancy shirt that features accent fabrics you didn’t know when to put on and to wear those fancy leather oxfords day in and day out.

As much as autumn is a great season, sartorially speaking, it is also a difficult season, as temperatures can change often and it might be hard to know how to dress when you don’t know what to expect from the day: will it be sunny or will it be rainy? Will the wind blow or will it be hot?

This is why we have put together three simple tips that you can follow to have a better style experience. These are not unbreakable rules, of course, and can apply to any style: should you be blue collar or white collar, a student or a banker, if you like a sporty style or prefer classic gentleman attire.


Layer your clothes

Layering your clothes is both a practical and a stylish operation. Wearing your clothes in layers is a great thing to do in the fall, as you can easily take off or put on a layer, depending on the weather. Remember that generally, it is recommended that your layers should be arranged according to their thickness: the thinnest layer should go closest to your body and the thickest, the furthest. It is not recommend to wear a vest over a sweater.

Wearing clothes in layers is also a great style practice. Rocking multiple layers will give your outfits dimension and depth and therefore will make them more visually interesting. Having more depth to your looks will make you appear more polished and therefore more attractive and remarkable.

A simple yet effective way to add layers to your outfits is by wearing a vest. A good autumn vest should be long enough to cover the front of your waist, leaving no shirt showing between your waist and your belt. The back and the sides can be cut a little higher though, leaving some shirt visible. Always remember that the shoulders of your vest should always lie flat against your body and below any collar point. Should you wear a suit coat over your vest, the v-shape of the vest must be narrow enough so that the suit doesn’t hide it entirely.


Carry accessories




Accessorizing is also something you can experiment with in the fall. While some accessories can be worn all year round, others are best suited for the cold season. Scarves, gloves and hats are great pieces to carry with you. You can easily put them on or take them off. A light scarf or a good pair of leather gloves can be easily carried in your briefcase, along with your tablet, notebook or glasses.

An umbrella is also a great accessory to carry with you during a rainy autumn day.


Make use of colors

In terms of colors, what you should always remember that some clothes are better suited in the fall than in the summer. Just as your clothes and their colors should always be occasion-appropriate for each individual setting, so should they be with the seasonal changes. Chalky colors and light shades are usually more appropriate in the warm season, but this does not mean that you cannot wear them during the fall as well. To give your outfits a more autumn-y vibe, you can always mix them with deeper shades or more muted patterns or prints.


Autumn colors clothes


One of the main questions people ask about colors is whether dark colors really make you look slimmer and wearing contrasting colors or light colors will make you appear bigger. The truth is that yes, these things do apply, but only if the fit of the garments is perfect. Otherwise, your clothes will make you look disproportionate and misbalanced.

If you wish to wear one or more patterns, you should always remember that the patterns should be proportionate to your body: bigger men can wear bigger patterns, but not too big ones, small men should opt for smaller patterns, and medium-sized men will look best in medium-sized patterns. However, if you wish to mix patterns or prints, always make sure that they are of different sizes: for example a tie that features thick stripes goes perfectly with a shirt that features small stripes or checkers and never with one that features thin stripes as well. This rule applies to all patterns, prints or textures.


Of course, some things are timeless: a well-tailored suit, a leather jacket, a great leather belt and a trench coat are just some of the pieces that will never go out of style and which can accompany you through most environments, places and situations! We strongly recommend that you incorporate both modern pieces and classic essentials in your wardrobe and that you experiment with different cuts, styles, shapes and colors.


Dressing up in the fall is easy if you know how to do it! Following these steps will ensure you that this fall you will be one step closer to looking and feeling great!


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