What Makes a Quality Watch? (B)

The “Classic Sheffield” watch by Daniel Wellington

Watches are more than just objects that indicate the time; they are veritable jewelry pieces and deliberate style statements. A watch is the expression of the wearer’s taste, personality and sometimes even status, as wearing a watch is no longer a necessity, but a personal option. Today, if you want to only find out what the time is, you can look at your cell phone or on a billboard; there is no real need to have a watch around your wrist. This is why wearing a watch is a fashion statement: the characteristics of the watch you put around your wrist are reflected upon your personality as well: a sporty watch expresses a sporty personality, a soft watch is the equivalent of a subtle character and a pilot watch or a dive watch are the expression of an adventurous guy.


Watches come in all shapes and sizes and there is a big market for all types of watches out there. However, there are big differences between the watches offered by various brands: from quality to price, there is something for everyone.


A beautiful DW watch featuring a silver frame

We believe that it is definitely worth investing in a high-quality watch. Common watches feature an average design; do not involve high costs, but also lack in quality. On the other hand, creating a timepiece that does a lot of complicated things which are mechanical in nature, and that features a spectacular design, requires a lot of effort, time and money. Switzerland is known as the country where many high-end watch brands originated, but is not the only home to luxury timepieces. The United Kingdom, Sweden or France are also countries where great brands are based.

Some companies focus both on design and practicality. There are a few brands that take the idea of creating watches that feature stylish and versatile designs to another level. You might have heard of the world-renowned label Daniel Wellington. They have become famous for introducing the world to a new way of looking at watches.


Three Daniel Wellington watches: From left to right: the “Classic Belfast”, the “Classic Cambridge” and the “Classic Nottingham”


Their pieces are known not only for their style and comfort, but also because each DW watch features interchangeable straps. This is something that truly makes every watch unique. The gold and silver watch frames can be matched to any of the DW NATO straps made from high-quality Italian leather or nylon, which can also be bought separately. This is something that allows each customer to create a watch of his own and to change its design according to the setting where he is going, to his mood and to his outfit. These watches are without a doubt perfect for every occasion and we are very big fans of theirs.


A “Classic Oxford” strap by Daniel Wellington, which can be attached to any of their watches


With this practical example in mind, let’s take a look at some of the elements in which great watch companies invest to create high-quality watches and why it is worth to invest as a buyer in an outstanding timepiece:




The “Classic Glasgow” watch by Daniel Wellington, featuring a great British aesthetic

A high-quality watch features the best of the best in terms of both aesthetics and technical specs. To provide their customers with such a great experience, watch manufacturers need to invest in cutting edge technology and in allowing their designers enough space and time to come up with amazing pieces. The manufacturing process is a very complicated and complex one. Imagine how many small pieces are requires to put together a watch. Each of those pieces needs to be designed, tested, verified and produced.

Sometimes, it takes up to one year to create a piece and many highly skilled experts work on it, test it extensively and polish each piece until it’s perfect.




Most luxury companies have a strong background and a long history that stands behind them.  Companies that have created a name for themselves and that are known to create exquisite timepieces are considered luxury brands. A luxury watch is not only a fashion statement, but social statement as well. Many watch brands, such as Daniel Wellington, are strongly associated with refined living and quality items created at the highest standards. These features are also projected on the wearer of their timepieces.



Precious stones and metals

A watch featuring a rose gold frame

Luxury watches are generally directly tied to the world of precious stones and metals. A lot of watches feature gold, silver or white gold in their design, are embellished with crystals, diamonds or other precious stones that are cut for each piece in particular, which is why quality watches cost more than mass-produced watches. If you were to evaluate a watch based on the materials from which it is made of which were used for its embellishments, you would definitely see a good part of the cost right there. Some watches contain precious stones such as rubies in their movements as well, so not all precious stones and metals are visible and fulfill an aesthetic purpose.



Limited editions

A beautiful DW “Classic Bristol” watch

High-end watches are generally not mass-produced. This is not only a prestige thing, having a watch that not many other people around the world have is clearly a criterion, but making a special watch requires special tools as well. The manufacturer needs to hire people who can design and produce the tools that are used to create these special watches.

Keep in mind that many watches are handmade, which is also a mark of uniqueness. Since many watches are not produced in large series, collectors and watch aficionados from all over the world are trying to get such pieces. Uniqueness is always a huge criterion when it comes to quality watches. This why we mentioned the DW watches earlier: with their interchangeable straps system, you can be the only one in the world wearing that particular combination on a given day.




Buying a luxury watch usually comes with a guarantee that if it breaks or if it doesn’t work (which in most cases is highly unlikely), they will be able to make your watch work perfectly. Big brands place high value on customer service and want to make sure that if you are paying a certain amount of money on a timepiece; you will have a great experience. This is not something that many other companies offer.



Celebrity endorsement and advertising

Becoming a strong company that is worldwide associated with elegance and luxury doesn’t happen overnight. Many brands invest lots of money in advertising, celebrity endorsements and marketing strategies that will ensure them that they are one of the main competitors on their targeted markets.


In the end, high-quality watches are definitely worth investing in. The efforts that are put into creating a piece, the valuable materials and complex design, the guarantee and the cultural symbol are all cumulated and reflected into an elegant timepiece.

Fraquoh and Franchomme






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