A Case for Card Cases

A nylon hexagon car card case by Ulterior Motive

Card cases are a great alternative to wallets for people who prefer carrying their money on cards rather than cash. For those who don’t like bulky wallets – or any type of wallets for that matter, card cases are the go-to item when it comes to keeping their cards safe and stylish, as they are minimal and light, but practical and very versatile at the same time.

Card cases have not appeared too long ago, as they became popular only with the spread of bank cards and other types of cards such as building access cards, skiing chairlift cards and so on. Before this democratization of technology, most people only used wallets and regular keys to pay for things and access various buildings.

In this guide, we take a look at the reasons why you should own at least one card case and make sure your cards have a great home.




Today, more and more people make payments by using cards. The reason for this is mostly comfort-related. Making payments with a bank card is easy, it does not require counting money or calculating change, it does not tear and, if you lose it, you can automatically block it.

Card cases are just the right thing to use if you don’t want to carry around a wallet or even a money clip. Card cases are can be carried in a pocket or in some cases, even in the sleeve of your phone, they are sleek, elegant and appropriate for everyone: men, women, younger people, older people, blue collar or white collar, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a great card case.




A versatile nylon navy card case by UM

Since cards are so frequently used, they need a good home that should be combination between practicality and style.

From a style perspective, card cases come in a series of materials, colors and styles that fit any taste, preference and budget. Recently, Swedish brand Ulterior Motive launched a new series of card cases in addition to the card cases they already had on their eshop. The UM card cases are made from a variety of resistant materials. If the older cases were made from leather, the new cases are made from a very strong nylon, which has the ability to protect your cards from the elements, should you find yourself running through the rain.

Your card case should be, as any other accessory, an extension of yourself and an expression of your personality. They should also be versatile and practical. A versatile card case is a case that usually comes in a neutral color, such as brown, black, dark blue or white and that is made from leather, nylon or other similar strong materials. You will often find card cases that feature very bright colors. Remember that, even though we encourage you to buy colorful things, some colors are to be reserved for very casual settings, such as the gym or an amusement park evening. Bright pink, neon green and fuchsia are shades that work best with casual settings, while deeper colors such as silver, purple, burgundy and emerald are more suited for dressier occasions or academic environments.

As we already said, card cases have the advantage of being very light and very compact. We are aware that, if you have a wallet, it does not necessarily mean that it is heavy and extremely bulky, but sometimes, a wallet can change the look of your pants, which is why you might want to switch to card cases. Men who wear tight pants especially, will notice that their wallets can be extremely visible in their pockets, which is not the most subtle and aesthetic thing in the world. Sometimes, men can even get square marks on their pants because of their wallets which will change the shape of your pants completely. A card case takes care of all these problems immediately.

Moreover, a card case is a symbol of a man who is ordered, who thinks clearly and who can keep track of his money without having to physically see it.

And, yes, we know that, despite all these things, sometimes you still need physical money to go around. This is why some card cases, such as the ones from Ulterior Motive for example, feature more slots that allow you to store some bills. And, if you are working with $100 bills, how many do you really need?




Many people are reticent when it comes to card cases because they feel that they will not have any room for other things they might usually carry around with them. What we can say is that if you have other essentials you need to carry around, you can put those in a separate small bag or a larger wallet. Card cases are great for everyday use, but they are also perfect for situations where carrying something else can get inconvenient. For example, when you are traveling or participating in a crowd event, do you really need your everyday carry with you? There is nothing wrong with having a wallet and/or a card case at the same time. Sometimes, you can leave your wallet or small bag behind and just walk around with no bulk in your pockets.



To conclude, we can say that a card case is not only a stylish option to keep your cards in, but also a great way to style up your overall look. Besides the style and the comfort brought by a card case, you will also benefit from keeping your finances to yourself, not showing everyone how much money you actually carry at a time with you.


Using a card case can change the way in which you handle your money, it can make you more organized and will help you keep better track of your spendings.  Moreover, as we have seen, a card case can make you look more stylish as well. Card cases can also make great gifts, as they are both useful and elegant and most cases can be easily engraved with symbols, letters or numbers to give them a personal touch.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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