35 Essential Style Tips for Men (B)

If you don’t know anything about fashion – or you know just a little about a lot, we have something that will change your life.

If you are a young man starting a job, a guy who wants to get a promotion or a man who wants to make the best of his looks, but who doesn’t have too much time to read fashion magazines, watch style videos or read style articles. If this guy sounds like you, you have come to the right place.

We have put together a list of easy-to-do, adaptable and applicable style tips that will help you out regardless of your style, your size or the setting for which you are dressing up. Each one of these rules represents a step in the direction of sartorial excellence. You can apply them on your street wear, for work wear, for business clothes or for any other type of clothes. The tips contain links to more information on the linked topic.

These style tips for men are not unbreakable rules, but general guidelines that, if applied, will make you look better than you looked until now. We encourage you to break rules, but before you break a rule, you must know how to implement it.

Without further ado, here they are:



Shirts and blazers

Man in shirt1. A shirt must touch your body, without squeezing it – anything tighter or looser does not work. The same goes for blazers, sports jackets or anything else

2. A jacket should be long enough to cover at least half of your tush, your whole bum at the most

3. Never button the lowest button of your jacket, unless you are wearing a one-button jacket

4. Whenever you are sitting, unbutton your jacket. Button it again when you stand up

5. The collar of your jacket must touch the collar of your shirt

6. The shoulder line of a jacket or a shirt must match your shoulder line

7. A dress shirt must be long enough to be tucked in – if you can’t tuck it in, either leave it hanging, if the setting permits, or change it

8. Once you tucked in a shirt, you should not pull it out

9. The cuffs of your shirt must pop not more than 1/2 inches / 1,3 cm from your jacket’s sleeves

10. A dress shirt has no pockets. Very casual shirts feature one pocket and utilitarian or hiking shirts can have two pockets




Man11. To find out your pants size, measure your waist – your waist size (in inches) is your pants size. To do the math, remember that 1 inch = 2,54 cm, which is about half your thumb.

12. Never wear pants with more than one fold at the bottom, as it looks outdated

13. Dark-wash jeans are dressier than any other type of jeans and go with almost any kind of casual shoe, as well as with dressier styles




Mens style14. Your belt must always match your shoes, unless you are going for a very casual outfit

15. Your accessories need to be proportionate to your body: Bigger men should wear bigger accessories; smaller men should wear smaller accessories

16. Metals are neutral, which means that you can wear them with anything and with each other – it is OK to wear both gold and silver at the same time. Just make sure to match the right jewelry with colors that goes well with it. Wear something that will lightly accent or compliment your style

17. Your tie should touch the line of your belt; it should not end higher or lower

18. If you wear both a tie and a pocket square, they should not match, but they should go. The point of wearing two accessories so near to one another is for them to complement each other

19. Never wear both a belt and suspenders. They are both meant to support your pants, so wearing both at the same time is the equivalent of wearing two blazers

20. Don’t overaccessorize! Three accessories are enough




Style Man21. In fashion, some colors, called neutrals go with absolutely any other color and with each other. These colors are black, white, gray, ivory, tan, khaki, beige, dark blue

22. For an elegant and subtle color scheme, wear colors that lie closely to each other on the color spectrum: red and orange, blue and purple, green and purple, all make for great, organic combinations

23. For more striking combinations, mix garments of colors that lie on opposite sides of the color spectrum, such as orange and green

24. Black and green go together; they just need to be very deep, not washed out




25. Round-toe shoes or shoes with pointed tips are more stylish than shoes with square tips. In the end, your feet are not square. However, don’t exaggerate!

26. Wingtip shoes are the most versatile style: they go with both dressy pants as well as with casual pants



Patterns, prints, textures

27. A solid neutral goes with any pattern, texture or print

28. You can easily wear a print with a solid that has one of the colors found in the print

29. If you want to wear more patterns, prints, or textures at the same time, you must make sure they are of different sizes. Bigger stripes go with smaller stripes, for example




Male fashion30. Always shave with the grain

31. When it comes to hairstyles, a buzz cut is better than messy hair

32. If you wear makeup, always take it off at night

33. For great skin, you can exfoliate your skin, but not more than 3 times a week. 2 times is best

34. It is recommended to moisturize at night, as this is the time when your skin takes it in the best

35. Use a moisturizer that hat a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30


Following these rules will set you apart from the crowd and will make you look more polished, more put together and more elegant. Looking good will result in feeling good, so there is no reason not to style up your look right now!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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  1. Such a comprehensive guide, thank you! Forwarding it to my significant other and bookmarking for future reference when styling men (which doesn’t happen often just yet).

    • Thank you, your appreciation means a lot to us! We’re sure your significant other will benefit from it! Best wishes with styling guys as well, feel free to reference them to any AC articles too!

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  4. The collar tip is very new to me.. I guess I’ve been doing it wrog, now that I look at pics, I see really stylish guys do it!

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