The Attire Club 2015 Holidays Gift Guide

Attire Club Gift Guide 2015Each year, we are looking far and wide to create a gift guide that will serve as inspiration for the upcoming holidays. Whether you are buying for a loved one, for a colleague or even for yourself, we wish to introduce you to new products that you or other men will appreciate and will love to incorporate in your closet.

We have put together a list of products for all kinds of guys: from creatives to tech-enthusiasts, there is something in our gift guide that will put a smile on the faces of men of every style, taste and preference.



Stylish and Practical Card Cases by Ulterior Motive


Ulterior Motive Card Cases


Everybody these days carries a lot of cards – bank cards, membership cards, sales cards and everything in between. It seems that many of the things we need are small and flat, which is a great thing for those who don’t like clutter. And, given that we carry so many cards with us every day, we need the right card holders.

Ulterior Motive is a Swedish brand that offers a wide range of accessories (ties, bow ties, pocket squares), but that also has a great line of card cases and wallets that make perfect companions for your everyday shopping and errands. Their card cases are made from different materials (nylon, leather) and have different vibes and aesthetics, which means that there is something in their eshop for every taste, need and personality.



Fancy Headphones by Meze


Meze Headphones 2


On Attire Club, we are fascinated with the multiple and varied ways in which style mixes and intersects with music. People who like music are looking for ways to express their love for beautiful sounds and the importance they place on music through their style as well.

Meze is brand that has taken the music and style mixture to a whole new level when they released a line of high-quality wooden headphones. The Meze headphones are not only innovative in design, but they are also impressive when it comes to their technical aspects, that make use of the wood they use and work it in such a way that the listener will benefit of a sound of the highest quality.

For example, the Meze 99 Classics headphones, with a Frequency response of 15Hz – 25KHz, a Sensitivity of 103dB at 1KHz, 1mW and ear cups made from walnut wood, these headphones offer a crystal-clear sound experience, regardless of whether you listen to music or a podcast on your phone.



Happy Socks by Happy Socks


Happy Socks


Colorful socks have gained more and more attention from men over the last years or so and we are happy they did. A man who wears colorful socks is not only a man who has a strong boldness when it comes to his personal take on style, but is also a man who pays close attention to detail.

One of the best brands that offer fabulous, colorful, yet affordable socks for men is Happy Socks. With a great aesthetic and good prices, Happy Socks are the socks you want to invest in. On their website, they have a lot of promotions, package deals and discounts, so they are definitely worth taking a look!



Dynamic Sports Watches by Chronologia


Chronologia watches


Whenever we write about watches on Attire Club, we say that a watch is the accessory that can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality in a very short time. Not only is a watch “instant language”, as Miuccia Prada said about fashion, but a great watch can also be a great attitude-booster. If you look at a watch that represents your personality, you will feel more confident and will be able to take the world by storm better.

A fantastic brand that offers an amazing range of sports watches is Chronologia. What is so great about Chronologia is that they offer everything from pilot watches to dive watches, therefore catering their products to a wide variety of men. Their accessories are made with the wearer in mind, when it comes to both the aesthetics of the watches and the complications and practical aspects.

Moreover, their sports watches are using the Trigilight Illumination Technology, which allows the wearer to read the time in any light conditions.



Futuristic Sunglasses Frames by Parasite Eyewear


Parasite Eyewear New


We all know someone who loves things that are out of the ordinary, in the best meaning of the word. And, if you think you don’t know anyone, it’s most likely that you are the person who is mad about innovative, futuristic, artistic designs.

This type of people are hard to please, but Parasite Eyewear is a brand that caters to the wishes of anyone who wants to wear something that will draw the eye to their eyes. With a line of amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses frames that seems to have stepped down from an alternative reality, the label manages to offer a sartorial experience that truly seems to be out of this world. Even though the Parasite Eyewear frames are so special, they can be worn with a wide variety of clothes, as, even though they are very unconventional, they are extremely wearable and contemporary.



Fantastic Suspenders by JJ Suspenders


JJ Suspenders


One of the questions we get asked a lot on Attire Club is where you can buy good suspenders. Men ask it, women ask it for the men in their lives – and everybody wants to know where they can get a great pair of suspenders.

Those on the hunt for a pair of suspenders that is both practical and stylish can take a look this season at JJ Suspenders, a US brand that offers suspenders in almost every color of the rainbow, plus black white and gray, and in a great variety of materials and styles as well. Their line includes clip-suspenders, button-suspenders, as well as leather suspenders, wide suspenders, skinny suspenders, etc. On their website, there is really something for everyone and is definitely worth checking out!



Stylish Lapel Flowers by The Dark Knot


The Dark Knot Flower Lapels


Every happy occasion requires special fashions. There are many things you can do to style up an outfit, but a very easy-to-do thing is to add a boutonniere to your suit’s jacket. Lapel pins and lapel flowers have been recently re-discovered by the men’s fashion world and men who want to add a twist to their outfits are wearing them.

One place you can find beautiful lapel flowers that will style up your casual suits, as well as other accessories (ties, bow ties and more) is The Dark Knot. The accessories created by The Dark Knot can be added to any traditional suit and will add an instant splash of personality to it. They offer a wide variety of designs, colors and styles, which will meet every taste and preference.

By the way, signing up to their website will give you a 20% discount on their products this season.



Modern and Trendy Accessories by KIE




Accessories are great tools to make an outfit complete and to go from fashion or just clothes to style. In this sense, accessories that are proportionate to your body size and that complement the clothes you wear have the power to make you look more put together and cohesive.

KIE is a shoppe that offers a great variety of clothes from various brands, but also offers a very good selection of accessories. The necklaces, bracelets and key chains available on their website make for wonderful additions to any man’s wardrobe. We definitely recommend checking out their own collection (or kollection to stay true to the brand) of accessories as well. Due to their creative approach, these accessories are definitely worth considering this season.



Belts with an Impact by Equus Leather


Equus Leather


One of the easiest ways to compliment, polish and add structure to a look is by adding a great belt to it. A good, versatile, neutral (black, brown, etc.) belt is an accessory that every man should own. With so many belts out there on the market, it is hard to find a belt that is stylish, strong and versatile.

UK brand Equus Leather offers a range of handmade belts that are everything you need in a belt. Their designs are polished and refined, they offer both neutral belts that can be worn with anything and colorful belts that make for good style statements and, to top it all off, they make their accessories from some of the best leather in the world. They are using bridle leather, which is the best way to go. Bridle leather might be more expensive, but it is the toughest and most durable type of leather and cannot be beat when it comes to strength, flexibility and presentation.



Relaxed Jackets by Ben Sherman


Ben Sherman


Every man needs a great jacket in his wardrobe. A jacket that is made from high-quality materials and therefore is comfortable, that is versatile in design and that keeps you warm is a definite must-have. We always say that jackets should always be investment pieces: you should always buy the best jacket you can find, as it will be a good thing to put on when the weather gets cold for many years to come.

A brand that has released new, great jackets is the originally British, now International label Ben Sherman. Made from 100% wool and with a great aesthetic featuring a series of great details and amazing “technical” specs, the Ben Sherman jackets will a lot of visual interest to one’s outfits. Their design is very sophisticated, complex and elegant, but it is also special, which makes these jackets the right thing to wear if you want to look traditional, but still interesting and unique in the blink of an eye.



Dreamy Pillow Cases by Gold-n-Rule




Whenever we write about decorating a space, one of the first things we say is that you should add pillows to give a room a more comfy and personal vibe. Quality pillows have the power to change the whole aspect of a living room, a bedroom and even of a kitchen or porch. Good materials and creative designs are elements that characterize a great pillow.

A great brand that offers just this type of pillows is Hawaii-based label Gold-n-Rule. Their beautiful designs are subtle, but fancy. Their embroidered throw pillows as well as their screen printed pillows are inspired by traditional quilted Hawaiian designs, which give them an edge you won’t find anyplace else.

Gold-n-Rule offers a 25% discount for all their products if you use the code “UNCLE” at checkout. And you should definitely check them out, as they have more on their website than pillows!



Creative Bow Ties by Attire Club


Attire Club Bow Ties


Each year, we make sure to make our contribution to the fashion world not only with articles on style, personal consulting sessions and with offering consultations on all things aesthetics, but we also release clothing items and accessories designed for the fancy style explorer.

This season, we want to invite you to take a look at some of our bow ties. Designed this fall, these bow ties will make it to our capsule collection and will complement the other clothes we create or by other brands that we are putting up in our e-shop/catalog.


Our goal at Attire Club is to provide you only with the best gifts for the modern man. We are always looking to feature only products and brands that we believe will get you heated.

It is our desire to present our readers only with original, creative and special products that will improve not only your looks, but also your lifestyle and attitude as well.

If you still can’t decide what to buy, you may want to go through the just-launched Attire Club shop!



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. We want to hear from you! Which is your favorite gift from our list? What do you like to give? What do you like to receive? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!



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