Call for Entries for the AC We Are Fashion 2: Fashion Being Web Documentary

This beginning of the year, we are launching a call for entries for a new fashion bloggers video! On Attire Club, we cherish and believe the power of community and of connecting diverse and passionate people.




This is why, after the first fashion bloggers video project, the We Are Fashion web documentary, we are developing a brand new video, in which we want to discover new bloggers, and catch up with old friends.

So, if you are a fashion blogger, in any way, shape or form, we are looking forward to your entry!



What we are looking for

Attire-Club-DocFor our second installment of the web documentary series, we are looking for creative, original and entertaining videos from people who own and run fashion blogs, regardless of their style, aesthetic and vision. The more diverse, the better!

What we need from you is a short video of around 1-3 minutes in which you discuss some or all of the following topics:


Attire-Club-Question-MarkWhat is style?

What is something that never goes out of style?

What is the end goal of fashion?

What do you wish to express through your style?

What are you currently obsessed with style- and otherwise?

How do other aspects of your life influence your looks and attitude? (Examples: Music, food, travel, movies, etc.)


At the end, or in a separate video, you can also submit shots (photo or video) of you choosing your clothes, wearing them, and going about your daily or extraordinary adventures!




Attire-Club-HDTo enter the video roundup, you need to fill out the entry form.

In case you are underage, you need to ask for your parents’ or guardian’s signature at the end of the release form, scan the document and submit it to us. Otherwise, you can just fill it out digitally and mail it our way.


Here are the technical aspects your video needs to fulfill:

HD quality (any type of HD is OK)

16:9 aspect ratio

MPEG, MOV or AVI format

No music, clear voice and a quiet background

No fades, video effects, etc.

No text on the video



Why you should participate

Attire-Club-ExclamationThe outcome of the project will be a short web documentary that will showcase the diversity, creativity the elements that connect and define all fashion bloggers.

Being part of a video that gathers fashion bloggers is a great way to gain exposure. The video will enhance your online image, as, not only will you be seen by a lot of people, but we will also link to your website on our blog and on our YouTube channel.

Attire Club is a strong online influencer and being part of the AC family will strengthen your image and influencer quality.



How to submit your video

Attire-Club-EMailYou can submit your video, along with the entry form at

If the file size is too large, you can use WeTransfer or a similar service.




The deadline for submitting videos is April 30th, 2016.

The video will be released on our website, YouTube and Vimeo channels around June 1st 2016.


You can download the information about the We Are Fashion 2: Fashion Being web documentary as a PDF file here and the entry form from here.


We wish you all the best and are looking forward to seeing you on our website and on our social media pages!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the new AC fashion bloggers video project? What would you like to discover about people who blog about style? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!



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