How to Match Striped Shirts with Striped Ties (B)

Many men were taught by their parents that you can not match shirts with stripes with ties with stripes. Well, we would not want to go over your parents’ heads, but we need to say that in our opinion, this is false information. You’ve probably often seen men wearing stripes in combination, but didn’t get the theory behind it, which is what we want to explain today! Matching striped or checked shirts with checked or striped ties is an adventure and every man should embark on it! 

But, if you want to do it, do it right! Here are a few rules you can follow to get the best results the next time you want to match striped shirts with striped ties:

A pink and white checked shirt goes with a white and blue tie and a neutral, solid suit, a watch and a pocket square.

A pink and white checked shirt goes with a white and blue tie and a neutral, solid suit, a watch and a pocket square.

1. If you wear a shirt with stripes and a tie with stripes, or any kind of pattern twice, it’s most recommended that you wear a suit in a solid color.

2. The number one rule when it comes to matching stripes is that the stripes of your shirt and stripes of your tie should be different sizes: thick stripes go with thin stripes. What happens if you wear stripes of the same thickness? You will probably look like an optical illusion.

3. Try to avoid stripes that are leaning in the same direction, for the same reason as above.

4. The colors of your shirt and tie should be complimentary or coordinating. For example, blue goes with yellow, but you can also match different shades of the same color: light blue shirt with navy blue tie. Read more about color matching in this article.

5. If you wear any another pattern (not stripes), the rule is the same: thick stripes on a shirt go with thin or small patterns on the tie; while thin stripes or patterns on a shirt go with thick stripes or patterns on the tie.


Basically, the rule to remember is: you can mix patterns if they are different in size, and you can and mix stripes as long as they are not the same thickness.

Following these simple guidelines will help you put better outfits together!


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17 thoughts on “How to Match Striped Shirts with Striped Ties (B)

  1. Awesome, pink and white checked shirt goes with a white and blue tie and a neutral, solid suit, a watch and a pocket square is a perfect combination. Great idea ^_^..

  2. Great tips! I don’t need to worry about ties so much, but I’ll pass it on to my guy friends! 🙂
    xoxo Aimee

    • Dear Lucas,

      Thank your for sharing your blog! We are always excited to discover new fashion bloggers!

      Keep in touch!


  3. Superb advice of matching same prints or say different. This is very helpful thank you, matching up a solid neutral and a bright tie in stripes is a fair combination for isolation as well.

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