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Khanh Nguyen is the blogger behind the “City Of Gentlemen” blog. He has a style that we feel is creative, manly and original and always find a nice time visiting his blog. We asked him if he wanted to write a post for our blog and he was on board right away, which made us very happy. In this article, he shares some tips and information and discusses his personal style!


The most difficult question to answer is, “What is your style?”  I don’t put much thought into any of my outfits, as they generally start with a theme or an article of clothing I’d like to style around.  From there, it’s a free-for-all on how the outfit is completed.  Italians use the word sprezzatura, “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or say appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.”  The best dressed and styled men are the ones who look as though they placed little effort into their appearance .

If I had to describe what my style was, it would be a combination of Italian, American Classic, and urban or street style.  Italians are always on the forefront of fashion, but the look is always clean, bold, and forwarding thinking.  American classic focuses on blazers, plaids, and a tailored fit, while urban style centers around edgy prints and looser fitting items.  While these are the general themes of these styles, it’s the ability to mix and match different looks that will define your personal style.  When choosing an outfit, use your favorite designers and inspirations as guidelines rather than rules.  Below are some key pieces that work with multiple styles and help build the foundation for any wardrobe:



The Blazer

The blazer is a classic piece that works well with any outfit.  Whether it’s paired with distressed anti-fit jeans or pastel chinos, the blazer dramatically alters any look you’re going for.  With budget friendly retailers such as Topman and Zara, it’s easy to invest in one without breaking the bank.  Blazers are one of those items in which tailoring is crucial because it’s a mass produced item; when worn, it needs to look one-off.



Colored Chinos

Chinos and khakis are a staple in most men’s wardrobe, but most closets are filled with dull browns and blacks.  One of the biggest statements you can make is by incorporating bold colors into an outfit.  Not everyone has the grit to jump into pinks and greens; a novice approach is washed, worn-in chinos that introduce colors with a faded, vintage feel.




Oxford Shoes

One of the great emerging trends is combining dress shoes with a relaxed look.  No longer are oxfords used solely with business and formal attire, now they’re worn sockless with rolled-up jeans.  When building a wardrobe, it’s always good to choose versatile items such as oxford shoes that go well with a multitude of outfits.



So what is my style? 

I still haven’t answered the question, but my inspirations mostly come from Italy, American Classic, and street styles.  I don’t have a huge wardrobe, but I select items that can be mixed and matched.  The aim is to choose pieces that can transform an entire outfit by simply changing one article of clothing.  This is by no means an all inclusive article on “How to Style,” but  it’s a good kickoff to building your own style.


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  1. Oh, how I love fashion risks! Style is all about going with the flow, esp. if it’s unexpected!

    <3 Carsla
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    • Indeed, it’s weird to look out of place, which is why you always need to consider all things that make the context you live in and work them in your advantage.

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