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With engaging content, complete style guides and a fine eye for aesthetics, Attire Club is the original concept that offers a complete style experience, providing practical tools, inspiration and cultural insights that inspire men to develop their own styles!

It is our belief that style comes both from the outside as well as from the inside and that the clothes you wear are just as important as your attitude. Your clothes, your accessories and the way in which you choose to mix them speak about who you are on the inside and communicate to the world what your personality is like, what your interests are and how you expect people to relate to you. This is something that happens even if you don’t pay attention to it, so why not be in control over the messages you put out there and the energies that you send out?

Knowing what to wear, when and how to do it can have a big impact on yourself and on the way you see yourself, the world and everything around you. We encourage every man to develop his own style and to make use of the relevant tools order to do so. Looking your best will make you feel better, more present and more like yourself, as you will be owning your image and feel more confident. Knowing how to dress for your body, for your job and for your personality is key, as you will convey the messages you want the world to receive.

On AC, we cover complete, thought-provoking, practical articles on style, fashion and lifestyle. The information found in our pieces is clearly explained, easy to use and can be applied by anyone, regardless of their style, age or means. Developing your own style is a continuous experience and we want to be your guides through the complex world of fashion, from discovering how to wear a tie to understanding how a certain piece evolved to personal grooming matters and the historical background of fashion and clothes. Everything is connected; fashion is related to the economy, to cultural trends and to the technological advances of society. We provide all the guidelines you need to dress sharp and you are the one who chooses what suits you, your taste and preference and consequentially make your own rules. Our fashion advice can be applied to any style you might have, from elegant gentleman to urban teddy; regardless of your budget and where you live. Attire Club features articles for style rookies and professionals alike, we believe that everyone should have access to an elegant life and to a complete style experience. The fashion tips we provide are the equivalent of an online personal stylist brought to your home. Reading them, you will learn what looks best on you, you will discover what you like and therefore you will save a lot of time and money! This is how together we can create style from what the world of fashion offers.

On Attire Club we are believers in the new Renaissance men: it is our vision that fashion and style are not an isolated field, but that they mix and touch with everything around them: from music to technology and travelling. Elegance is in the mind and can be expressed through everything, from the way you work to the way you decorate your environment, the way you eat and everything else.

Because every action is important and has an equal reaction, we are big believers in ethics and in ethical fashion. We support not only self-expression and great sartorial results, but an ethical creative process as well: we have come to the conclusion that everything you own and everything you do should be done in an ethical manner, in a safe process and in safe conditions. Green fashion and respecting high working standards are on our list of issues we care about as well.


We understand the importance of any creative process because we develop our own clothing lines as well. In our clothes, we incorporate our expressed views and visions: we are developing clothes that feature artificial intelligence and that are created in a safe, green environment. The way you do things is very important, as it impacts all the traits and features of your personality.

On Attire Club, we believe that the time has come to do things differently: in the context of the new global culture, each individual can express his inner self through the way he looks and through the things he does. The past represents the foundation on which the future is built!

The smart articles, our t-shirt shop, clothing line and personal style consulting services are brought to you by a team hard-working, dedicated people.


Style experts Fraquoh and Franchomme are the founders of the Attire Club concept, they are responsible for the novelty of the concept and for the new approach over the men’s fashion world. Their vision and expertise is the origin of the concept that is Attire Club. They are sensible yet practical and are always looking for new endeavors.



We believe that elegance can be found everywhere and it is our goal to discover it and share it with all the people who create, enjoy and breathe culture.


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You can also write to us at: office@attireclub.org and let us know your feedback, fashion questions, comments or collaboration ideas! We are always happy connect with our community and to read your messages and to reply as fast as we can!


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