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What are the Requirements to Be a Male Model?

Model Connor Hill It is known that when it comes to female models, there are certain requirements that one needs to fulfill in order to aspire to a career in this field. On top of highly specific requirements that regard size, height and so on (basically a model needs to resemble a mannequin, [...]

By | August 28th, 2016|Fashion Photos, Fashion World, Runways|4 Comments

The Pringle of Scotland Spring-Summer 2017 Collection in Review

UK luxury brand Pringle of Scotland has recently unveiled its spring-summer 2017 menswear collection. The collection, inspired by the ever-controversial aesthetic of the 1980s consists of creations that are definitely eye-catching and that provoke thought and challenge the viewer to aesthetic considerations. The 1980s were a time when really good fashions coexisted with really bad [...]

By | June 20th, 2016|Fashion Photos, Fashion World, Runways|2 Comments

Inspiration for Now: The Best of the Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Campaigns

The fashion world is so diverse and varied, that it’s hard not to find something you want to incorporate in your own looks. The collections for the spring-summer 2016 season have been released a long while ago (a very long time, in fashion time), but now, since the season is here, it’s time to find [...]

By | June 4th, 2016|Fashion Photos, Fashion World|6 Comments

The Bally Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Collection in Review

There’s something about Bally that puts a simile on our faces whenever we see their collections. The brand has a minimalistic, but at the same time eclectic aesthetic that always draws our attention and puts us right in the middle of their world. For the spring-summer 2016 season, the Swiss brand revealed an American sports [...]

By | May 11th, 2016|Fashion Photos, Fashion World, Runways|4 Comments

The Best Photos from the Fall-Winter 2015 Men’s Fashion Campaigns

The collections for the fall-winter 2015 season have been long out and we have looked at them from every angle and perspective. Now, with the cold season approaching, it’s time to look at the campaigns created by different fashion brands and to discover how they envision their clothes in a context other than the runway. [...]

By | August 5th, 2015|Fashion Photos, Fashion World|6 Comments

The Best Photos from the Spring-Summer 2015 Men’s Fashion Campaigns

The collections for the spring-summer 2015 season are long out and fashion houses from around the world are now beginning to reveal their campaigns for the their collections. Fashion and photography have always gone hand in hand, so it is great to see them redefined and adapted to the aesthetic of the year 2015. What [...]

By | January 2nd, 2015|Fashion Photos, Fashion World|10 Comments