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How to Wear Suspenders: 10 Tips (B)

Suspenders are a great and very modern accessory that many stylish guys enjoy to wear. They were invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston and, initially, they were considered to be underwear and were meant to be hidden. However, today they can be worn to keep your pants up, which was their initial purpose, but they [...]

By | June 25th, 2015|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Suspenders|13 Comments

How to Wear Bow Ties with Suspenders (B)

Whenever you put an outfit together, you should always make sure that the overall outfit has presence. An outfit with presence is always a complete outfit: this means that everything is in place and that all the clothes fit just right. A great way to gain presence is by adding layers or accessories to your [...]

A Guide to Suspenders (B)

When they appeared, suspenders were considered underwear, so it was not customary for them to be visible. Times have changed, and suspenders became a very common (and great-looking) fashion accessory. They are highly versatile and go with pretty much any type of outfit. What you will learn is that it’s not the suspenders that set [...]

By | September 10th, 2013|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Suspenders|51 Comments