InCompany by Attire Club Issue 2

Mariano Di Vaio covers the 2016 summer issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine. This edition of our journal explores the latest in trends and style, as well as a collection of stunning photos of ethnic clothing from around the world. Moreover, you can read fascinating interviews and check out our style guides to get all the tools to build your style and express yourself. This summer, discover the best of the best with InCompany and be the best you can be!





A Different Kind of Glamour


In Their Own Words

Co-founders of whytes Thomas Escher & Nadia Botzenhard


Style Guide

How a Shirt Should Fit


Fashion World

The Best of Baselworld 2016


Style Guide

The Guide to Dress Shoe Laces


In Their Own Words

Fashion Bloggers’ Bed Diaries (Kosta Karakashyan, Diego Leon and Marcus Tan)


Culture Circle

Photos of tribes and colorful cultures from around the world


Style Guide

A Case for Card Cases


Current Obsessions

Here’s what we like this season!


Travel & Culture

B for Bucharest


In Their Own Words

Italian Fashion Star Mariano Di Vaio


Fashion World

Cool Chaser


In Their Own Words

Hamid K.’s Moroccan Days


In Their Own Words

Fashion Designer Michelangelo Winklaar


In Their Own Words

Humans with Superpowers: Deepika Raj and Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire


Fashion Ahead

Emotive Technology by Sensoree


The Attire Club Mood Board

Swedish Paintings



London Collections: Men Spring-Summer 2017


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