InCompany by Attire Club Issue 5

Creative, select and thought-provoking, the spring 2017 issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine invites its readers to a journey on the lesser-beaten path in the world of fashion and style.




Onstage and Backstage


In Their Own Words
Modeling Agency Manager Mitch Brown


Style Guide

Habits that Will Keep Your Clothes and Accessories in Shape


In Their Own Words

Model José Falcone



Travel and Culture

Hola Amigos!



Current Obsessions

Porsche Edition



Secrets of Fashion: In Their Own Words

Menswear Blogger Karamjit Singh Maniani



Travel and Culture: Travel Alphabet

E for Estonia


Style Guide

How to Match Your Tie to Your Pocket Square



In Their Own Words

Filmmaker Hadi Moussally



AC Fashion Notebook

Updated Fashions



Fashion World

Sven Holger



Style Guide

10 Advantages of Leather




Rethinking Luxury



Fashion Ahead

The first 3D printed at home collection by Danit Peleg



Fashion and Technology: In Their Own Words

Entrepreneur & Innovator Frank Wautier



The Attire Club Mood Diary

The NAT Atelier AW 17-18 Collection



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