What You Need to Know Before Growing a Mustache (B)

OK, so you decided to grow a mustache. Now what? It’s true that mustaches are not very popular today and not seen as a sign of beauty, and maybe this is why many men don’t know what they need to know about their stache. There is a fine line between making it work and looking something like a cartoon character.

Actor James Franco is one of the few actors today who look great with a mustache

James Franco is one of the few actors today who look great with a mustache

We have a few suggestions, which are not unbreakable rules to follow when you are thinking of growing a mustache. We want to encourage you to create your own style and, but we have some topics we think you should consider.

So, here’s what you need to have in mind:



Decide on the type:

Decide what type of mustache you want to have. There are some people with famous mustaches in history, like Salvador Dali. If you want to go for that look, we need to let you know it’s hard. Most experts recommend that you start with a basic shape and grow it into something more different.

Think about what kind of mustache suits your face best: do you want to go with the Stalin or with a pencil mustache like Clark Gable.

When deciding this, take your face shape into consideration. Mustaches usually add volume to the face, so if you have a thin lip line you can grow a bigger mustache. Also, if you have softer features, you can sharpen them with an edgy mustache with clear lines.



Trim and shape it

It’s not the 1500s in Japan anymore, so make sure to trim your mustache or keep its shape. Use your beard-trimmer to trim it and your razor for shaping. To give it a proper shape, you can use the defining tool on your trimmer.

Also, an important thing to remember is that keeping the area around it well-shaved will make it look more defined. Speaking of looks, you might not have known that there are special mustache combs which can help you styling your stache.

In order to keep it clean, you can shampoo your mustache once a week or so. If you want to make it softer and shinier, you can you hair conditioner too. Some men lose their hair color and want to keep it as long as possible. You can dye your mustache with special products for men’s beards and mustaches.


Additional information

Did you know that…

The first record of a mustache is 300 B.C, the oldest picture of a man with a mustache being the picture of a Scythian horseman. It was made by the Pazyryk people who lived in today’s Siberia, near the borders of Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. These guys had not only mustaches, but according to archaeological findings, they had tattoos as well.


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P.S. What do you think about mustaches? Do you like them or not? Have you ever had one? If you’re a girl, what do you think about guys with staches?



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