Don’t Wait A Minute. A Guide To Choosing A Watch (B)

People have been measuring time for thousands of years and nowadays that long tradition of clocks and watches has reached a peak of stability and perfection and anyone can wear it.

We recently wrote an article about shoes, their importance and significance. One thing we were saying was that shoes are a must, there are few people in the world who voluntarily don’t wear shoes, so the choice of shoes you make says a lot about you. Well, today we want to talk about watches. Watches, unlike shoes are not something you can’t go without. Telling the time can be a lot easier today: we all have phones and there are clocks everywhere.

So, basically, the main task of the watch can be fulfilled by other gadgets we own. So, why wear a watch then? It’s said that men are obsessed with their watches, and we’re not sure that’s so true. Because watches are a 100% voluntarily item,  they are probably the most important item that speaks volumes about your personality.

So, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying a watch:


When and where am I going to wear it?

Just like clothes, your watches need to match the occasion: a sports watch is appropriate for informal occasion, and it definitely doesn’t go at formal occasions. You will stand out, and not in a good way, if you wear a watch that is too casual at a formal party or event.

There are three types of watches: Analog, digital and analog/digital. Of course, analog watched are the most formal ones, while digital watches are appropriate for casual environments. Analog/digital watches have both an analog and a digital face. They are usually work-appropriate but not highly formal.


Is it age appropriate?

You know, we’re not saying you shouldn’t like Spiderman in your 30s, but we’re saying you shouldn’t wear it on your wrist. We want you to look young, and there’s ways to achieve this, you will see some example watches later which will make you look young, but we don’t want you to look immature.


What do I need it for?

Nowadays, watches don’t just show the time, some show the temperature and other features as well, so you might want to consider getting a watch that’s appropriate for your lifestyle. When it comes to need, you also need to wonder whether your need a watch that is just a chronograph, which means that it just measures the time, or whether you need a chronometer, meaning a watch that is able to measure how much something lasts.


Can I afford it? How can I get the best price/quality ratio?

Watches are one of the few remaining pieces that actually say “wealth” and “status”. But we don’t want that to be your goal. There are watches that cost more than a Ferrari, like the Patek Caliber 89, which is worth more than $5 Million, but even if you have such a watch, we don’t want you to show off. You can get amazing watches for under $100 and the rule we want you to go by is authenticity. We would rather wear a cheaper watch which is authentic and the best quality you can get for a price, than a fake.

There are three types of watches, according to the way they function: battery, quartz or mechanical, sometimes referred to as hand-wound. Battery watches work on batteries, quartz  watches work on a electrified quartz crystal and are very accurate, and mechanical watches have a complicated mechanism made out of gears and springs.


What size watch do I need?

We recommend that you read our article on choosing your accessories, but the rule of watches is that the size of your watch needs to be proportionate to the size of your body. Average-size watches look really small on big men, whereas thin men look handcuffed with huge watches.


What color should I go for?

We love colors and your watch must match your clothes. We recommend you read our article on choosing the colors of your clothes to find out more. Most worn watches are black, even though the are being produced in all colors. This means that a colorful watch is more likely to stand out.

Also, on another note make sure you maintain your watch properly: you can keep it in a case or a drawer and don’t “test” it to see if it scratches and breaks.

Wearing a watch is in the end a statement. What you choose to state with it, is your option only!

Have a look at some of our favorite watches from this year for your inspiration:



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you think? Which of these are your favorite watches? Do you like wearing watches? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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