The Guide To Christmas Gifts For Men. Part 1

Being Santa Claus for guys

It’s the holidays time of year again, and people are all about finding gifts and wishing others well. The stores are full and sometimes you still feel like you don’t have anything to buy. And this is where gift guides come in. We’ve put together a list of items you can actually buy (we’re not going to present a $4,000 key chain) or which you simply use as inspiration.

Finding a nice gift for your father, husband, son, brother or whatever a certain man in your life is to you can be tricky, but we have put together a list of things you can buy. Finding hot gifts like this to ones like this, these things are both general as well as personal.

These things are both general as well as personal. This means that for example “a tie” is a general term and can go with almost any man. The thing is the degree of personalization you will bring the tie to. So, a standard tie can have one meaning, while a more personalized item can mean a deeper connection.

While you now realize how hard Santa Claus’ job is, you can also discover the fun in making Christmas gifts for men!


Tips on buying gifts

Here are some tips you can use when you are buying gifts:

1. Gifts needs to be appropriate in terms of the message you want to send. Underwear for example is a big no-no if you wish to offer it to your boss!

2. A present should not be too big. Maybe the receiver doesn’t have where to fit it in his/her house!

3. Thirdly, unless you are sure it’s the way to go, don’t offer things that are too expensive, even if you can afford it. This kind of presents go among close friends or family members, but don’t offer something way too expensive to someone who you know will think they need to “match” you. It will only give them trouble finding something nice and expensive and maybe they can’t afford it!

4. Try not to oblige people into anything. Buying someone a cruise might be nice, but maybe their were planning on using their vacation days in a different way! Also, getting them “experiences”, such as wine tasting events should only be done if you are sure they can, wish and will attend it!

5. The last tip is very obvious, but we can’t say we did not warn you! Don’t offer anything that implies religious, political or cultural beliefs, anything sexual or race-related in any way or anything that implies you wish the person changed. Doing so will only offend somebody. OK, in case you know the person really well and are sure they will enjoy a political/religious/ethnic gift, go ahead and offer it!

Oh, and before we start, we need to say that the items we present here can be purchased on-line, and if you need some tips on quality and security, you can read our article on buying on-line!


Our suggestions

Here are the fist items we picked for our shopping guide:


The WalletDual Color Bi-fold Italian Leather Wallet Derojun

The Dual Color Bi-fold Italian Leather Wallet by Derojun is a great piece. Wallets generally make a nice gift, since they are useful, practical and can be very stylish as well. Offering a wallet as a gift is a way you can almost be sure that the person you will be giving it to will remember who it’s from each time they use it. We love Derojun wallets and have to say they are really worth it and we’re absolutely convinced that the quality of the piece, the feel and the design are going to meet the standards of any guy.


The iPad Mini CaseiPad Mini Case Berwick

The iPad Mini case  by Berwick is a great gift. First of all, it’s practical and useful for anyone with an iPad mini, but it is also special because it is hand-made and very original. We think iPad/tablet cases are great gifts, as we think that people who own tablets definitely enjoy changing their case or having more alternatives!


The leather messenger bag

manchestermess TGL

This high-quality leather messenger bag by True Grit Leather makes a great gift for a guy with a fine sense of style. We love it because it’s very versatile and can go to work, to casual surroundings and fits all the things a guy might find useful to carry. It’s practical, resistant and also very stylish!


The Bow Tie

Peter Field Bow tie

For a guy with a bow-tie collection, what is more perfect than… another bow tie? This bow tie by Peter Field would make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe, since it is casual yet very original and goes with many outfits. It’s for any hip, indie, dapper, you-name-it-guy!


The Watch

RAWandBlack-Editions by Novo Watch

This is the RAWandBlack watch by Novo Watch. The fine lines of the design make it a very elegant piece, all while keeping it very sporty and perfect for a man of action. And we mean action! This watch is a great piece for any man who loves adventure, the outdoors and sports!


The perfect t-shirt


Who says you cannot offer a t-shirt as a gift? Especially if it’s such a special t-shirt as the Shirtless t-shirts, which are made from 100% pima, extra-long staple cotton and are super-comfortable due to their cut and shape! it can be worn both as a simple t-shirt or as an undershirt. How can comfort not be a great gift?


We’re sure these items will spark your inspiration and that if you offer them to a guy, he will definitely enjoy to have any of these items! And don’t forget, the most important thing is to

Have A Merry Christmas!


Read part 2 of the guide!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What gift ideas do you have for guys? What is on your wishlist? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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