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Street photography, more specifically street fashion photography has seen a huge rise in the last years. In the last years, a lot of websites allow members to upload their street style photos and share them with the world. There are also millions of fashion bloggers in the world who share their looks and we became curious and wanted to find out more about this phenomenon. But we wanted to go deeper, so we arranged a series of posts written by different bloggers who agreed to write about what style is in their country or region. It’s amazing to see how people see style in different corners of the world and what influences it: the weather, the economy and other factors!

What blogger was better to write about Irish fashion than Rebecca Casserly who blogs at Bec Boop Fashionista World?

Fashion and style is epitomised by beautiful cities such as Paris, London, Milan and New York yet Ireland is fast placing itself on the fashion world map. There are many Fashion events in Ireland and with world class models and designers it looks like it is the Country to watch out for. Designers such as Philip Treacy, Orla Kiely, Paul Costelloe and Don O’Neill have taken the world by storm. Bec Boop take’s a look at how fashion and style is related to in ‘Éireann’ (Ireland in native language).

Here is what she had to say:


Bec Boop at a local fashion show photographed by Darachphotography

Bec Boop at a local fashion show photographed by Darachphotography

Beauty in Ireland is similar to that in Europe with respect to commercial models however Ireland has that one little bonus, our red hair and pale freckly skin is admired world-wide. The true Irish look is red hair and pale skin with freckles, a natural look. Of course there are alternative beauty types in Ireland with many different cliques and niches the fashionista can fit into. Ireland is similar to other countries in that it can be intimidating to step outside in a fashion conscious outfit, worrying about what the public might think. Once you forget these woes I believe the street-goers enjoy looking at unique fashion and trends.

The Irish high street is dotted with large European and America fashion stores such as Forever 21, H&M and Zara contributing to a fear that the Irish may just follow the fashion stereotype. These are all beautiful stores and the high street has a very important place in Irish fashion and style however prestigious fashion universities such as the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) have also produced an array of talented designers which bring another level of uniqueness to Irish fashion. I experienced this first hand having attended the graduate fashion shows for this college, it is clear that there are many more designers to come out of LSAD. Another treasure in Ireland is vintage stores. If you make the effort to search a little off those winding side streets you will find many vintage stores with beautiful re-styled pieces showing a unique piece of Irish history. These stores have become exceedingly popular over the last number of years thanks in no small way to the recession. One such store is Cotton Face Vintage in Galway.

stephanie ladies day galway races

Model: Stephanie Casserly in a vintage dress from Cotton Face Vintage, Galway. Image by Darachphotography.



A rare sunny day in Ireland Bec Boop wearing Miss Luxe photographed by Darachphotography in Galway.

A rare sunny day in Ireland Bec Boop wearing Miss Luxe photographed by Darachphotography in Galway.

Irish fashionistas are limited somewhat by the weather, as we are prone to rain and wind on a regular basis thus an umbrella or coat is always a staple fashion item. This was seen at a local racing festival recently on ‘Ladies Day’ (a large scale fashion day in the racing calendar) it poured rain and there were even tornado warnings! This did not stop the fashionistas who attended, many wearing local Irish milliner designed headpieces such as Mary White Millinery and Fiona Mangan Millinery. The umbrellas were incorporated as fashion statements and made for interesting and fun fashion photographs for the press. Once we see a ray of sun all inhibitions are thrown away and the Irish embrace summer fashion. We tend to forget that the hot weather does not last very long and purchase a large amount of ‘holiday’ or ‘beach’ wear items which are not long lasting and we most definitely will not wear these items as much as we anticipated. It is not long before the rain returns and we are back in our woollies.

Bec Boop wearing Miss Luxe photographed by Darachphotography on an Irish seaside.

Bec Boop wearing Miss Luxe photographed by Darachphotography on an Irish seaside.


The blogging community in Ireland has grown immensely in recent years with some very successful bloggers being established. I believe this lends itself to a fashion forward attitude in Ireland. Should you visit Ireland I recommend you do your research as there is most likely a fashion show or fashion/beauty event. Cork Fashion Week is also taking place in October which promises to be a promising week in Irish Fashion.





Bec Boop






P.S. What do you think of Irish style? What’s your opinion of Bec Boop’s looks and take on it? Share your comments with the community!

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