Men’s Mid-Spring Outfits: A Bright Easter

Eastertime is here and the world is in bloom. There’s no better time to enjoy many great clothes than spring. The reason for this is because spring is a season that allows you to wear several layers without feeling too hot and to transition from one look to another as temperatures tend to change a lot in the course of one day this time of year.

Easter, or simply spring’s beginning for those who don’t celebrate it, is all about light and renewal. Unlike in winter, in the springtime you can present yourself to the world without a coat covering the outfit you have put together earlier.

There are a lot of ways you can dress for Easter (or early spring), but if you want to stay in tandem with the season, our recommendation this year would be to keep it light and bright.

Even though you might need to pay more attention when you will be enjoying those chocolate Easter eggs, going pastel, or chalky as manly men call it, is something you should give a go.


Your main pieces

The great thing about chalky clothes is that they are very easy to match. Chalky colors go great together, and at times it seems like you can even make the strangest of combinations without looking awkward. Pink and green, blue and green, yellow and pink are just some of the combinations that would not look amazing in very saturated colors, but which seem to mix very well if you tone them down to a “chalky” level.


Pastel colors go together well or with more saturated colors


There is no problem in mixing a blue jacket or an awesome pair of pink pants. One thing you can do is mix an item in a chalky color with an item in a bold color. Not only this, but to add more depth to your look, you can even have one piece in a pattern or print.


Any color will look softer if you match it with white or cream


One thing you can do is to use several bigger pieces: a shirt, a vest, a blazer which you can put on or take off depending on the setting you find yourself in. For example, if you are going to church on Easter Sunday, you can wear more pieces, but if you are attending an outdoor lunch, you can wear just a shirt and even short pants. To complete the outfit, you can wear a belt or other accessories.




Your accessories


Sometimes all you need to express yourself is a pocket


A bow tie can complete a simple outfit

If you don’t feel like looking too chalky this spring, you can either wear strongly saturated colors all over, all you can try to hint the light look with some accessories. This does not mean that they should be pastel. Pastel accessories don’t match well with non-pastel main items.

This is why we recommend that you go for floral prints or something else that reminds you of spring and all the new things it brings with itself.

To look more festive, you can wear things you don’t normally wear, for example bow ties, pocket squares, scarves or who knows what other accessories you might find.

A floral tie


Don’t forget that your accessories should be two things:

  • Their size should be proportionate to your body: thin men can wear slim ties better than bigger guys. The same goes for pocket squares, watches, rings, belts, etc.
  • Appropriate for the setting and the rest of your outfit. We don’t recommend wearing shiny shoes with shorts, pastel pants with formal jackets, etc. For casual looks you can wear loafers, suede shoes, or even casual oxford shoes.


You can use your shoes as a fashion statement


Easter time is a great opportunity to dress up without feeling the need to push it to a formal level. It’s a great opportunity for men to play with colors, pieces which can be layered and much more!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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