The Darren Kennedy for Louis Copeland Fall-Winter 2014 Collection in Review

Darren Kennedy is an Irish TV presenter and columnist who works both in the UK and Ireland as well as in the United States. Currently, he is presenting ITV’s “This Morning” show, which is the top rating TV show in Britain. Moreover, he fronts a style and entertainment series called #Trending for the Irish TV channel RTE2. In the USA, he is known for appearing on ABC, FOX and the CW. He has also worked on a couple of documentaries, “Gay Daddy” and “Like a Virgin”, which received critical acclaim and were nominated for a series of awards. Back in 2013, he was voted Ireland’s Most Stylish Man and the VIP Style Awards, which was the beginning of a fruitful fashion collaboration with menswear brand Louis Copeland & Sons.

His collections, launched under the “DK x LC” label have received very positive reviews and got praised by both critics and the public.

His fall-winter 2014 collection followed his successful spring-summer collection and was logical follow-up of the elegant aesthetic the TV host created. Kennedy’s designs for Ireland’s finest and best-known tailor, Louis Copeland & Sons are part of a capsule collection composed of six suits and two covetable coats, created in a trendy, yet timeless aesthetic by featuring this season’s colors and a series of great styles. Subtle grays, different shades of burgundy as well as icy shades of blue are all amazing colors that reflect the autumnal season.

Moreover, each suit from the collection is made from a luxurious and comfortable flannel. The patterned lining is drawn from the collection of suits itself, making it a cohesive and detail-orientated lineup.  Other details that are eye-catching in this collection are the broad peak lapels and the double breasted waistcoats, which added a special vibe and more character to the collection.

This collection features a unique and elegant aesthetic inspired by an “Adventures and Inventors” theme. Each suit of the collection has been named after a famous Irish explorer. Some of the men who titled the suits were adventurous in nature, while others were explorers in spirit. Among the brave men who inspired the collection were explorers Tom Green and Ernest Shakleton, engineer John Philip Holland, physicist George Johnstone Stoney and Brendan The Navigator.


Take a look at the suits below and check out our commentary for each individual outfit!




Fraquoh and Franchomme





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    • He really is a very good model, he knows how to make his clothes justice, even though they don’t need much, as they are great in themselves!

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