Good Trend, Bad Trend

The difference between fashion and style is considered by many (us included) to be the difference between clothes and outfits as they are offered and presented by their creator or curator and the way in which each individual person uses them to express their personality.

For example, designer Tom Ford claimed in an interview that, while he is happy whenever a women wears his clothes, that he doesn’t like to see it styled up exactly the way he presented it on the runway. He said he enjoys it more when people use fashion to create their own unique style. Diana Vreeland, the amazing fashion editor of the 60s and 70s at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue was known for being a person who pushed the idea of making something your own extremely far: for example, she used rouge instead of blush and applied it to her cheeks, as she loved the unique vibe it gave.

In the context of discussing the concept of fashion and style, the notion of trend, or fad as some call it, always comes forward. Fashion is dominated by trends, while style is said to be timeless. A trend is a fashion element that very many people incorporate it into their style. Because so many people wear the exact same thing, the thing seems to become emptied of its value – at least of its individual value, and becomes only a group symbol.

There have been many trends in the modern fashion world, and some of them have actually become timeless style staples. In fact, some trends were so great, that, even though they went out of style in the fashion world, one can still sport them and look great.

However, most trends are style pieces that are only an indicator of their time and that, once gone, look ridiculous.

We have put together a list of a few trends that many people wore not too long ago and we have commented on whether they were good trends or bad trends. For each trend, we’d also love to hear your opinion and you can cast your vote in each poll!



Bubble jackets




Once upon a time, bubble jackets were a thing. In fact, they were not a thing, they were the thing. Big, bulky and sometimes extremely and even ridiculously heavy, bubble jackest were the thing to wear when the weather was cold. Granted, these things were warm, but there are so many other ways to keep warm – leather, Gore-tex and others are all fabrics that can keep you warm without making you look out of balance. Not to mention the more stylish options too: One of the best alternatives to a bubble jacket is a quilted jacket. In a way, it is similar to a bubble jacket, but it is so elegant, sophisticated and timeless, that one can wear it for a hundred winters in a row.



Sleeveless hoodies




Sleeveless hoodies were a trend that many people frowned upon, but we actually think that it is a trend that should make a come-back and not go out of style. A good sleeveless hoodie is warm, sleek it makes your body stand out in a good way and that’s all you need from a sports garment. From us, the sleeveless hoodie gets a “good trend” vote.



Shutter shades




Paris wore them, Kanye wore them and many followed. Shutter shades were a big thing not so long ago, but we could never get them. Of course, shutter shades have their charm, but still… what’s so great about them? It’s a “bad trend” from our part for now, but we wouldn’t mind seeing the shutter shade reinvented in the proximate future.



Vests with no shirts



Here’s a style dilemma for you: Does wearing a vest without a shirt underneath work? If you ask celebrities such as Daniel Radcliffe and Wilmer Valderrama it does; or, at least, it did for a while. And, indeed, this is a tricky one. A vest without a shirt is a sign of a very, very non-conforming smart guy, because it is very hard to pull off. We love a vest without a shirt, but it is very hard to make it look good. Every other piece you wear must support the look and, unfortunately, your body’s proportions are also very important when it comes to wearing a vest with no shirt. Our tip is: if you want to sport such a look, try it and go from there.



Deep v-necks

A v-neck t-shirt is a great piece to own: it elongates your neck, it is comfortable and it adds an interesting structure to your upper half, especially if you have rounder features on your face or torso. But, when speaking of very deep v-necks, the story changes. In theory, there is nothing wrong with showing off your chest – in a way, as we’ve seen in the case of the vest with no shirt paragraph, it works well. However, most deep v-necks simply look bad because they are very badly proportioned. To explain this proportion problem briefly, we can say that a deep v-neck is neither too covering to enhance and emphasize the male torso in a positive way as we explained earlier, but it is also not too revealing for it to be showy. In a way, it makes a man look like he is wearing a women’s push-up bra, and, generally, big breasts (or the illusion of big breasts) do not go well (in terms of proportion again) with the configuration of the average male body. As a note, do not confuse breasts with pectoral muscles, which have, obviously a different way of going with the male body, as they are in tandem with the average proportions of most men’s bodies.



One of the basic things in aesthetics is that in order for something to look good, it needs to be well-proportioned to every other element with which it is connected. And we have yet to see a deep v-neck that goes well on a male body. Did you? It’s a no on our part for very deep v-necks, but we are looking forward to seeing one that looks good.



Wearing multiple polo shirts




A sign of a highly fashionable guy for some, the paramount of stupidity for others: wearing layered polos continue to be a big debate in fashion. While we don’t have anything against wearing multiple polos on top of each other, in the end, it’s each to their own, what we can say is that we really don’t get the why of it. Wearing multiple polo shirts is uncomfortable, too warm and… too everything. OK, maybe it can be argued that it embellishes the wearer like the tail embellishes a majestic peacock, but there are many other ways in which a man can look strong and confident. If wearing something does not end in a practical result, it can be hardly called fashion.



As you can see, trends are not a bad thing – sometimes some real style can come out of them, but what we can learn from looking at these trends is that one should always analyze what he is wearing before putting it on and consider whether it does do you a favor or not. However, with that being said, we encourage everyone to wear whatever floats their boat, if that makes them feel great and confident. Don’t you agree?



Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you make of these trends? What are other trends do you like? What trends should never make a come-back? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, don’t forget to subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!


9 thoughts on “Good Trend, Bad Trend

  1. Honestly if I saw a man on the street wearing these trends (especially where I live in Austin, Texas) I would probably chuckle out loud. That being said, I really enjoyed this post- and your blog! It’s great to take a look back at the things that were recently popular.

  2. I enjoyed your thoughts on trends and how they should be worn if they compliment the wearer and/or they give the wearer the confidence and style they desire. I don’t have a problem with trends, but I think it’s best to style them in different ways that will look classic and give them longevity. I hadn’t heard of the multiple polo shirts! That trend was definitely interesting and trying too hard.

    • Dear Brooke,

      You make a strong point when you say that a trend should be incorporated in a timeless aesthetic, that is definitely true!

      We’re also happy we introduced you to the multiple polos trend!


  3. I love a puffer/quilted jacket/bubble jacket, if they are nicely done and you don’t look like the Michelin Man wearing it. Everything else, thank God guys grew past that LOL. The multiple popped polos was the worst, like how does that even work!

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