The Best Looks from London Collections: Men Spring-Summer 2017

The men’s fashion scene is continuing to grow in the United Kingdom. According to sales figures, the men’s fashion sector has seen an increase in sales of 4.1% last year, which is more than the womenswear sector.

In this sense, fashion events such as London Collections: Men are becoming more relevant and true strong points on the British capital’s agenda.

The London Collections: Men Spring-Summer 2017 event, which took place just last week in the English capital, definitely lived up to our expectations. Even though some luxury brands such as Moschino or Burberry chose not to show in London this season, the labels that did show offered an amazing spectacle. From conceptual creations to wearable items, which dominated the runways, there was something for every taste and style at this season’s installment of LC:M. The second show of the year brought spring-summer collections in the spotlight and let us see what the designers see and think we should all wear next year. And the propositions were not disappointing.


Take a look at the highlight of the London Collections: Men Spring-Summer 2017 shows:

Hardy Amies


Hardy Amies Men's Spring 2017


An icon of the London fashion scene, label Hardy Amies offered a collection that was, as usually, impeccable and representative for the concept of “fine British tailoring”. We really enjoyed the collection’s white look, as it makes a great capsule outfit. Well done!



Tiger of Sweden


Tiger of Sweden Men's Spring 2017


A sharp print is always a good sartorial choice. Clearly-defined prints are very modern and look very elegant. The number one rule you need to know about wearing a sharp print, which is very well exemplified by this Tiger of Sweden look is that if you are wearing a busy print, the fit of the clothes should be impeccable. Otherwise, you risk looking like you just wrapped yourself in a curtain fabric.



Craig Green


Craig Green


A look that caught our eye was this one from the Craig Green collection. Very conceptual in nature, but drawing from casual clothes and practical fashions, this outfit represents a meta-discourse about the dual aspect of fashion; meaning art and business and does in a way that is very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing for the eye.



Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen Men's Spring 2017


Mixing pieces from different worlds is something that, if done with attention and care will always work incredibly well. This type of looks are extremely hard to pull off, so kudos to Alexander McQueen for this outfit from the Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2017 collection, which is a flowing discourse from head to toe, playing with aesthetics, and mixing elements of different degrees of casualness.





Coach Men's Spring 2017


US brand Coach showed through their spring-summer 2017 collection a new way to do casual. We really enjoyed the play with colors, especially with this outfit, as it showed how you can wear the same color multiple times, but do it in different ways and make is visually interesting. Other than that, we really loved to see the model carry a leather backpack – while the leather backpack is a classic item, we don’t see it as often these days, so it’s great to see it on the runways of London.



Agi & Sam


AGI & SAM Men's Spring 2017


A return to nature, as Agi & Sam suggests is something we all should do from time to time. We really loved the raw animal prints featured in the collection, for example in this look, and would like to see more of this kind of prints on the runways.



Astrid Andersen


Astrid Andersen


Astrid Andersen put out a great collection which with we were definitely impressed. This outfit is probably one of the best looks of the collection, as it has everything: balance, color, texture and so much more. The concept is made with a great deal of artistry and care and we can actually place it in the hall of fame of the entire event.



Casley Hayford


Casley Hayford


If you didn’t know how you can make a great impact and be subtle at the same time, this Casley Hayford outfit showed just that. It takes a lot of knowledge and taste to put together an outfit that balances out both boldness and subtlety, which is why we really enjoyed this look. The big presence of the prints and accessories is balanced out by the colors that seem to blend in a very harmonious way – this is the key to this look.


The London Collections: Men even was probably best summed up by Eric Jennings, vice president and fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue, who said that; “London brings two predominant things to the international menswear stage – a strong streetwear scene unlike any other and a strong Savile Row tailoring presence that you can only find here.”


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. We want to hear from you! Which was your favorite look from London Collections: Men Spring-Summer 2017? Which aesthetic should be the new trend for the season? Do you prefer seeing conceptual or ready-to-wear outfits on runways? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!



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