If Lady Gaga Was a Man

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. This is why, of course, images are helpful when giving fashion advice or style tips.

This week in London was the start of the autumn/winter 2013 menswear shows, and designer Craig Green, a recent Central Saint Martins graduate, came out with a rather weird collection. Not so much the clothes, which are debatable, but the way they were presented. The models had face masks made out of planks of wood. The layers of the clothes included cottons in different densities: satin, matte and waxed, combined with crinkle pleated linings, wood felt and denim. The only pattern of the collection were hand-painted stripe, and glitter or vinyl edging took the place of accessories.


If Lady Gaga was a man

A model presenting a creation of Craig Greene at the London fashion shows


When we say the clothes, we immediately thought of Lady Gaga, and whether this would be a new trend. Is there a collaboration awaiting in the future? You heard it here first!


Craig Green has done weirder things in the past, so we were not necessarily surprised.  If you like weird fashion, check out our post on 11 weird looks on the runway.

In the end, we let you decide: is this fashion or not? Is this just a weird thing or does it have a message? We can debate this in the comments section below as well!


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