Men’s belts are something that is not very discussed and focused on. Maybe because belts come in few options so most men wonder “how hard can it be?”. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about belts, so that next time you put one on, you will be sure you have chosen the right one.

We found this Fendi belt, but we liked it because it has our initials on it: F&F

We found this Fendi belt, but we liked it because it has our initials on it: F&F

The belt does not only hold your trousers up, but is also a fashion statement. In order to make sure you are alright, if you are wearing a suit, you should follow the rule that says that your belt needs to match your shoes. It’s not only your shoes that need to match your belt. Your whole outfit must be in perfect harmony. Even though both black and brown are neutrals (you can read more about neutral colors in our other articles), a brown belt and a black suit don’t go together.

However, if you are wearing a more casual outfit, like jeans and a casual shirt, your belt can be seen as an accessory and therefore, it must not match anything, it has to go. You can read more about how colors go together, on our articleThe professional way to choose the colors of your clothes“.


We recommend that you have at least two belts in your closet: a good leather belt that comes in great quality and that you can add to your formal suits or more dressy outfits is the first kind. When you purchase a quality belt, it’s ok to make an investment. Think about the cost/wear. For example, if you invest $90 on a belt, but you wear it 150 times in a year, that means that the cost/wear is $0.6. It’s good to have a strong belt, as if you will buy a cheaper one it will go bad earlier and you will need to buy another one, so you will spend more money!

A casual belt

A casual belt


A casual belt is the second type of belt men should own. Some brands sell belts made out of nylon or cotton. Sometimes these belts have bright colors such as green, blue, red and sometimes they even come in stripes. We recommend that you wear this kind of belts only with casual outfits, such as t-shirts and jeans or short pants.

There was a time when studded belts were a fashion, but generally we recommend that you don’t wear embellished belts, as you will want to have another piece be the main focus of your outfit. Usually accessories are not main pieces, the main clothing pieces are, such as the shirt, the vest, the blazer or the pants.


When it comes to the belt buckle, remember that both silver and gold are neutrals, so they go with anything.


You might not have thought of this, but for a man who is always on the go, belts can look great if they match your briefcase. Using this tip will make your whole look come together.


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P.S. What type of belts do you have? Do you have any questions about belts? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!