How To Fold A Pocket Square (B)

Many of the outfits we showcase on the site include pocket squares, which we always say look great and that every man How To Fold A Pocket Squareshould try wearing one. Pocket square make great accessories and can really style up an outfit. Even though pocket squares might seem sometimes placed at random, there are several techniques and ways to fold them. You can try them all, and then use just one that you feel represents your personality the best, or every time you want to wear a pocket square, wear the pocket square folded in another way, by rotation.

When it comes to folding a pocket square, you must have in mind the fabric the square is made out of. The one rule that is very important is to make the simplest folds when working with linen or cotton, while with silk you can do anything you want.


There are tens of ways (maybe even more) to fold a pocket square, so we are going to give you some suggestions.

The simplest way is the simple puff, which means that you just fold the square and put it in your pocket, but there are other ways you can do it, which we will describe with the help of pictures, below. Click on each one to read the instructions.





We hope these instructions have helped you and that you will use them the next time you’re trying something new in your outfits!

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P.S. What do you think of pocket squares? Do you wear them? Which one is your favorite folding technique? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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