What Do You Know About Sherwanis?

There have been and are many men who don’t wear the classic suit, believe it or knot. The Sherwani is a long, coat-like piece of clothing worn particularly in South Asia in countries like India and Pakistan.

In the past it was associated with the Muslim aristocracy of the Northern Indian subcontinent. The sherwani appeared in India during the British period, and was worn by the aristocracy, but now it’s considered Pakistan’s the national dress for men.

The sherwani has a nintricate embroidery with beads and gems. Today, sherwanis are worn at formal events or weddings, pretty much like a tuxedo in the Western world. The older, more traditional sherwanis were black, brown and generally darker colors, but today they come in all the beautiful colors of the world. The fabrics that are usually used for these pieces are raw silk, pure silk and brocade.

Nowadays, they have been popularized in the Western world through Indian films and television series and many Westerners have grown to like them. In the West, many men feel as if the sherwani looks something like a dress and would not wear it. However, because of the cut that emphasizes men’s v-shape chest it really looks manly and strong. It is not recommended to wear ethnic clothes in general with jeans or other modern clothes. If you are to do it, do it all the way! Sherwanis are best worn with Mojaries, which are a type of traditional shoes but that’s another discussion.

The price of a sherwani can vary, but it can go from less than $200 to several thousand, depending on the fabrics and the designer.


The sherwani is similar to the Indian kutra, which is a long top and pants worn by men. It is found in more muted colors like whites, ivory, beige and tan with light embroidery around the collar, cuffs, and button down. It’s a great casual piece.


You can find a lot of inspiration in these sherwanis and expand your horizons. Why we like them is because even though it’s a simple, strict piece, designers can go miles with is: you can modify it in so many ways! In the album coming up, you can see some of our favorite sherwanis. Besides of the fact that they can be really original, we like sherwanis because we believe that if you would match them with European clothes, even though they are not popular in Europe, you could have something new. We’re working on that. Have a look and make up your own opinion!


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P.S. What do you think of sherwanis? Do you know someone who wears them? As a man, would you wear one? Would you like to see men wear them? Which one of our selection was your favorite?

16 thoughts on “What Do You Know About Sherwanis?

  1. Thank god there is someone blogging about Asian fashion. Just one thing sherwanis were there before British settled in Indian subcontinent. Though exact time of its origin is unknown, there are painting of Sherwanis wore by courts-men of many Indian rulers before 18th century.

    • Wow, thank you for your input! It’s probably the 18th century when sherwanis were introduced in their current form to the Western world, maybe it would be better to put it this way. Of course, all clothing pieces have origins and family trees if we may.

      We’re happy you enjoyed the post!

  2. If you now go in search for sherwani’s, you can see a hybrid of the tux and a sherwani. the new genration is really working on it’s evolution. I like the simple, plain black kind with no embroidery though, but the hybrids are the best 😀

  3. I came across this website because I am thinking of what to do with my husband’s sherwanis. The material and embroidery on them is gorgeous. But he’s never going to wear it again. I’m actually thinking of sewing a dress for me out of them, or making cushion covers out of it.

    • Oh, that seems interesting to make cushions out of it. It’s interesting to transform your clothes like that! We think that if you have an idea, you should go for it!

  4. Salaam,

    Thank you for sharing this elegant style of clothing for men.

    I’ve always been fascinated with Sherwanis, however never worn one yet.
    I was researching when and where would these suits be appropraitely worn other than on weddings.
    After a little bit of my own personal research and understanding it is a dress that based on its design can be worn through many formal events.
    In my opinion I can see myself wearing something clean and stylish at Eid celebrations, Friday prayers, international trade events, a friend’s wedding, at lunch or dinner be it at a friend’s house or a fine restaurant.

    Currently I have my eyes on this modern classic style such as one found at this link: http://junaidjamshed.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdDefID=972&lp=prod&SCatId=11
    In my opinion it portrays a clean masculine look and I can’t wait to get one.

    If one prefers Sherwanis can be accessorized with traditional shoes (khussa / mojari) , turban (Pagri) and shawls (or stole). A bridegroom will most likely check all above mentioned accessories on their list for their big day.

    Sherwanis will definitely garner lots of praise and complements.

    • Salaam,

      Thank you for the comment, we are glad you discovered sherwanis and like to wear them! The one you selected definitely looks great, we love the simple lines and rich fabric! You seem to have a good eye!

      Enjoy wearing sherwanis and thank you for the positive feedback on our site!


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