Dressing Up For Heavy Men (B)

Anthony Anderson is a good example of dressing up heavy men.

Anthony Anderson is a good example of dressing up heavy men.

From our personal experience we can see that there are many heavy men out there who kind of don’t have a thing for fashion because of their body. There are two main reasons this is: first, many guys feel like there is no way they can get dressed well and the second one is that they are waiting to lose some weight. And both reasons are wrong. First of all, there are ways in which overweight guys can dress, we’re going to break them down in this article, and second, dressing up well might help you lose the weight you want to lose. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself and determine you to lose the weight. And if that doesn’t happen, you know how it is, you just have to work with what you look like now. We encourage you to lose the weight, but not too much, you don’t want to be anorexic, but we also think you should live in the present. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one doing it. There are a lot of thin guys out there who are planning on buying the right clothes when they will butch up, and the same goes for them: dress for now! When you will get at the size you want to be, you’re just going to have a new shopping spree, that’s all!

Here are the parameters you need to check before putting an outfit together! If you need, print this article, or take notes when you go shopping:




If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Just let it go! What does it mean that clothes must fit? Well, the clothes you are wearing need to frame your body, and they need to come as close to your body as possible. Close, not glued on. So, if something is too tight and doesn’t feel comfortable and look right, just toss it. You will find a better piece. If you however live in an area where there are not many options, you can buy bigger clothes and have them tailored. Go once at the tailor’s and you will be back. The difference a tailor can make by making small adjustments to your clothes is amazing and regardless of how much we describe it, we won’t be able to describe it, so you have to do it! Also, clothes that are too big are not right, they will only make you look bigger, they won’t hide anything and are not more comfortable. Fit is all about comfort and shape.




Bigger guys can wear all types of colors, but darker colors are usually slimming. This does not mean you can’t wear light colors, but keep them in a darker side. You can learn how to mix colors in by using the information we wrote in our style guide “The Professional Way To Choose The Colors Of Your Clothes“. Here’s a fun tip: brighter colors draw attention, while darker colors distract. So, if you want to hide a part of your body, you can dress that part in a darker color, and the part you think looks better you can dress it in a brighter color.



Jackets and Shirts

When you are buying a dress jacket, always make sure that it has side vents. Vents are those small openings on the lower half of the suit. Some suits have one in the middle and some have two on the sides. You want to go with two vents on the sides as it will make you look better. In no case should you wear a jacket with shoulder pads. Also, the best type of jacket for overweight guys is a single breast, 2-button suit jacket. And as for shirts, avoid having shirts with pockets, keep them for your jacket and pants. Additionally, try to buy shirts with smaller collars, they look best if you have a larger face or neck. Also, always tuck your shirts in, otherwise it will look really bad. Trust us.


A jacket with two vents (left) and a jacket with one vent (right)



We’re going to be pissed if we see another man in sweatpants while not exercising. Sweatpants are for exercising! Heavy men can wear dress pants and feel good! Your pants should not necessarily have pleats. You can also have a pleat on the lower half of your pants, but that’s not 100% necessary, try it though and see how it fits. Also, make sure your pants are not to baggy and have a medium rise.

Pants with pleats

Pants with pleats


OK, we’re sure you expected a big lecture here, but you’re not going to get it. Being overweight is not the end of the world. You can mix patterns just like any guy, the only thing is that it’s not recommended to wear horizontal stripes. This type of stripes will make you look wider. Of course, vertical stripes on the other hand, will make you look a bit slimmer, so they are more recommended.



Sweaters and T-shirts

We have a trick up our sleeve that we want to up your sleeve. Sweaters and T-shirts that come with a v-neck are a lot more appropriate and better-looking than the average sweaters and t-shirts. They elongate your neck, create more visual interest due to the two crossing diagonals and are more elegant and sophisticated. Of course, you don’t want a v-neck that’s too deep or with a too small angle. Overall, we recommend v-necks, and this is why we chose to use v-necks for our Attire Club T-shirts.




Having the right accessories is a very important part. You can read our article on tips on choosing your accessories. The main idea though is that your accessories need to be proportionate to your body size. You are the only guy who can pull off a big watch, a big belt, a wide tie and so on! Also, if you have problems with your socks, you can get sock garters. If you want to draw the attention away from you belly, you can wear a pocket square, which will also add a little more style to your outfit overall.

Having clothes that fit you is a step everyone should make and we know for some it can be a great thing! It’s great to express who you are through the way you look and have people see you for who you really are. Best wishes!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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  1. Very informative. I hope a lot of man will read this because I find that a lot of them would like to know how they can improve, but don’t have the courage to ask or the right sources of info. Keep it up.


    • Dear rocky,

      Thank you for the message.

      The body types refer to the way your body is proportioned, and don’t have much to do with your size. For example, even though most ectomorphs are very tall, this is not necessarily always the case.

      Basically, your body type does not indicate your size, but the way you are proportioned, regardless of the size.

      We recommend going to a tailor and asking him to measure you and tell you what your sizes are. He/She should be able to tell you what clothes size fit you best or what size clothes you should buy if you want to get them tailored exactly on your size! A tailor ca really make wonders when it comes to fashion!

      Also, note that different brands have different standards for their sizes. A certain size can mean different things for two different brands.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!


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