We all try to look our best and often style advisers tell people to dress for their body type. But how do you know which boy type you have and what type of clothes go with each of the main body type?

In this guide, we are focusing on men who are lean and rather thin and offer a series of practical advice you can put into practice the next time you are creating an outfit.



The 3 body types

Let’s start with understanding the three major body types. As you might know, there are three major body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Of course, there are tons of variations in between, and probably most men are actually in between. Some guys have a certain part bigger and certain part smaller etc.


The three body types

The three body types



Can you change your body type?

We did some research because we wanted to find out if you can actually change your body type and found out that it’s not the body type that you can change, it’s something called the “body composition”. Meaning that your body type is basically what you look like if you don’t work out or have a conscious lifestyle. But, if you are an endomorph trying to look like a mesomorph or an ectomorph, you can achieve it by adjusting your workout and diet. It applies to all guys. For example, cardio is a very recommended workout, but for ectomorphs it will actually result in muscle loss. So it’s best to know your body type, do great research (we will also feature some tips on what activities are best for your body type in the coming articles) and you will look like in a different way, if that is what you wish!

In the mean time, we know that many thin men feel out of place, since skinny guys are not taken very seriously in our culture. Some women are crazy about them, others seem to be envious that the dude is thinner than they are and some people really don’t care.



Style tips

We have put together a list of fashion and style tips thin men can use in order to look their best!

Here they are:


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a poster-guy for skinny men who dress well

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a poster-guy for skinny men who dress well


a) Light colors make you look bigger, darker colors make you look smaller

b) Vertical stripes make guys appear bigger

c) Midsize patterns are best for thin guys. Big patterns are not that recommended

d) If your outfit has a single color, it will emphasize the fact that you are very slim. Wearing different hues or colors will definitely make the outfit more interesting



a) Whatever you do, make sure your clothes fit your frame! Many thin men try to appear bigger by wearing bulky clothes. Trust us, you will look great in fitted clothes

Jim Parsons looking great at the SAG awards. Notice how a well-fitting suit makes a man with a thin frame look great!

Jim Parsons looking great at the SAG awards. Notice how a well-fitting suit makes a man with a thin frame look great!

b) Try to be proportionate. Thin men can pull off shoulder pads quite well, but make sure they are not too big, or else you risk to look disproportionate

c) Casual jackets (not dress jackets or blazers) should hit you at the hip. It’s best if you wish to look balanced

d) Make sure your accessories (belt, tie, watch) are not too big. They need to be proportionate to your body! It’s really bad if your belt needs to go a few times around your waist

e) If you can’t find clothes that fit, get them in a bigger size and have them tailored down



a) When it comes to shirts, slim fit shirts are a good friend. Sometimes normal-cut shirts are also great, it depends on your actual size. Remember: slim-fit, not skinny-fit

b) Wear flat-front pants. Wearing pants with pleats will give a lot of volume when you sit and will look out of place

c) If you are really thin, avoid skinny jeans or tapered pants. Instead, go for straight-leg or boot-cut trousers and jeans

d) Thin men are some of the few guys on Earth who can wear a turtle neck and look good. V-necks are not recommended if you are too thin: they will make you look even thinner

e) Double-breasted jackets are a great way of adding a layer of confidence

f) When it comes to shoes, if you are thin and tall, don’t wear round-toed shoes. They will make you appear disproportioned. Instead, you can buy pointed or square-toed shoes to balance your silhouette

g) Dress jackets should end just below your butt. Not longer, not shorter



These tips are meant to make you look proportionate and feel good in your body! You can use these tips and see what works for you! Remember, some things might not work for you, maybe you are an in-between body type, but understanding these general guidelines will definitely make you look better. And, as we always say, when you look good, you feel good!


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