Tips To Look Younger For Older Men (B)

As men get older, the way their body works changes and, for most, their aspect changes as well. You seem to be different in a way and there are many things you need to adapt to. Not observing your state might lead to a bad place where you try to hang on to the past, sacrificing your present.

Being over 45 or 50 does not mean you have to give up your style or look like and old man, you just need to be aware you’re not 21 anymore. That’s it!

John Stamos is in his 50s and giving 50 a good name!

We think that men can and should look and feel their best at whatever age and point. The main rule is: “Don’t try to look younger than you are!” As you might know, there is a difference between looking young and looking youthful. We’ve put together a list of tips you can follow, broken down into grooming and clothing and ending with some extra tips. You can choose which ones you’d like to follow and see what fits you best!

So, here they are:




  • Keep your wrinkles under control. We all know that age is something that naturally happens, and unless we decide to go to plastic surgery for help, it is going to happen anyway after the age of 40 or 50. Take care of your skin to the best of your abilities. Wear protective sun cream, get a facial and relax your face muscles. Also, in order to avoid getting bags under your eyes, sleep on an extra pillow so that the re is no fluid pooling around your eyes, creating those bags. You can also place a cold cucumber slice on your eyes. They help by constricting the blood vessels around your eyes and have a cooling effect on inflamed skin. Also, in order to take your wrinkles to the lowest level possible, wear sunglasses! They will help you by not making you frown so much and therefore new wrinkles won’t be added around your eyes and on your face.
  • Keep your teeth white. Drinking cola, coffee or smoking are things that highly contribute to yellow or, well, brown teeth. Even if you don’t do these things, getting a teeth whitening is something definitely worth doing to look younger.
  • Shave well or take great care of your facial hair. Some men prefer a perfectly shaved face, while others like to keep a beard, a goatee or a mustache. It’s up to you, but our advice is to take great care of your facial hair when you get older. A scruffy look might look well if you are very young, but after 45, it generally tends to remind others of homeless people. Generally, a shaved man looks younger than a guy with facial hair, but there is no rule there. Just see what applies to you and make it work to your advantage.
  • Hydrate! Being well hydrated is very important. Water helps you whole organism and keeps your skin elastic. Drink just as much water as you need. It’s not healthy to drink more than you feel the need to. You can also make use of after shave. Don’t drink it of course, but use it after you completed your shave. It has more benefits. For example, it shrinks your pours after you apply it, therefore limiting the dirt that comes in contact with your face. After shave also helps your skin by hydrating it.
  • Exfoliate! Looking fresh has a lot to do with the aspect of your skin! Exfoliate as often as possible, give your skin it’s best treatment and you look amazing. Try the best way to exfoliate for you.
  • Get a nice haircut. We think that a haircut is better than no haircut! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a buzz cut is better than unattained hair. Find the haircut that fits you best and go with it! Cut your hair regularly and it will make a huge difference. Also, as you get older, there are other “haircuts” you need to make sure you get, such as plucking the hair out of you nose and ears and making sure your eyebrows look like eyebrows!




  • Use layering. Wear your clothes in layers! This makes you look better by creating visual interest! To learn more about layering, you can read our guide on it!
  • Tailor you clothes!  As we age, our bodies don’t exactly work the way they used to when we were in our teens. This might lead to certain modifications to our body we don’t know how to work. Getting tailored clothes that fit your body will not only make you look great, but it will also make you feel amazing! Embrace your body and make the best of it at any age!
  • Wear accessories. A great watch, a pair of cufflinks or an original tie clip will only give you more presence and character. Express yourself and your experience through accessories!



Additional information

In addition to these things, you should also exercise, as keeping fit is an overall good thing for your body, mind and spirit! Make sure your heart is fine and try to keep it in shape, as it can also dictate the way your other organs feel!

In addition, make sure your posture is the best is can be! Stand up straight and keep your shoulders up. Don’t walk looking in the ground, it’s not worth it!


Making use of these tips will make you look better and, as we always say: when you look good, you feel good, so investing in your look is always a thing in which it is worth investing.



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P.S. What changes have you gone through and need advice for? Do you have any additional pieces of advice to these? Share your thoughts below!


19 thoughts on “Tips To Look Younger For Older Men (B)

  1. Great advice! Look and embrace your age … Make it awesome!
    The combover needs to be addressed. Seriously. Can we speak about going bald with your dignity intact?

    • Thanks for addressing this. We are preparing articles in which we discuss the way you put it, “going bald with your dignity intact”.

  2. Only good advices.
    It’s sad many men believe that taking care means be considrered as a girl or assimilated to a gay (considering it’s a big problem).

    Most of men (western men or even the others when they choose a western attire) believe some colors are forbiden to men by nature so they keep wearing dull or dark colors although brighter or just different ones would suit them better.

    • Hello Miss Ayo Dele,

      It’s so great to have you on our side! We’re glad that you promote men’s style as well and encourage men to pay attention to clothes and grooming!

      • I’m based in New York, and it surprises me, that with the melting pot that is the United States, only women’s fashion seems to have been deeply influenced by this fact. I wonder if in most every culture men’s fashion is toned way down in the volume of flair, color, and variety. It’s really interesting because in the animal kingdom a males’ success depends on those three things. Birds have no shame – they’ve mastered this (see birds of paradise). The amazing thing is that we get to choose our own “plumage” but in general go for the classic black amd white. Because stars are usually the trend setters, I wonder what would happen if fashion houses and Hollywood stars conspired to eliminate muted colors in men’s fashion, even if for just one season, specifically awards’ season. What do you think would happen?

        • The bird analogy is very well-put! Black and white would be a good choice, since many man (we live in Europe) seem to only dress in khaki, beige, brown and washed-up blue. Or did you mean as formal wear?

          We wondered the same thing (regarding Hollywood stars) in our post about the Emmys, where we noticed that all the men were dressed pretty much the same, in black and white.

          It’s so great to have such a meeting space where we can discuss these issues, don’t you think?

        • I think the black and white and associated colors such as night blue, grey and brown are tipically western.

          According to my experience and what I can see on TV documentaries and press, other men are much more colored, or used to be but they are trending to adopt western colors.
          Most of West and Center African men (living in Africa) don’t impeech themselves to wear any color, but when they choose a suit they tend to westernise. Meanwhile, Central Africa’s people are known for daring very bright colors suits, shirts and accessories.

          Young African or “Afrosomething” living in Europe are trending to reapropriate colors and patterns popular in Africa, wearing shirts, bow-tie, telephone cases in wax fabric or real typical african fabrics, bright colors, etc.

          At the same time, despite they still wear colors, both western and traditional fabrics are going more and more dull and dark and some men, especially if they studied or live in Europe start wonderin if this or that is a man color, a man fabric or not, through the western cultures prism.

          Moreover there are still cultures whom men from use makeup as much or even more than women and not only in the deep lands, for special festivals.
          Some still makeup, eyes especially, even in big towns everyday and it’s accepted by the others.

          I noticed that North African, Close-East and Middle-East men ARE ALSO MORE COLORFUL THAN european ones but their range of colors is less more large than Black Africa, they wear much white and colors which looks like white (bige, light grey, very light yellow).
          They also wear few colors at the same time and very few complex patterns.

          It seems that Asia mixes everything, depending on the precise area and ethnicity.
          Apparently there are several cultures in South America from the most colorful indians (with some very close to the bird analogy) to the dullest Europe originated rancheros.
          It’s simplist but I suppose the less people have meant western ones, the more colors, prints, patterns, forms they wear.

      • I believe everybody should have the opportunity to be “fashion” if desired.
        Not just follow the trends decided by the fashion industry but create he’s own style and feel free to go out and be oneself.

  3. Even though I guess wrinkles can be hard to keep under control, I agree with all the tips, especially with drinking a lot of water!

    • You are right, but taking conscious measures to keep your wrinkles under control can reduce them highly, especially when they are new and still small.

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