Collection Review: The Canali Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear collection

The Canali spring/summer 2014 menswear collection was an extremely pleasant surprise to us, as it showcased  elements we were long waiting to see. Bright colors, slim shapes, and well-chosen accessories were the marks of this collection.

Even though Canali surprised us with choosing to tuck cardigans into double-pleated trousers, a situation you won’t see much in real life, the collection still worked well. At first, it appears that the collection is designed for older man, but seeing how great it works on young models, we can conclude that the collections is designed for mature men. And maturity can come at any age.

The main colors of the collection were blue, greys and occasionally reds and other warmer colors. There are many interesting patterns to be found, mixed with both pale and strong solid-color pieces.

The people at Canali claimed the collection was “designed for a multi-faceted man of the world” and in a way we can say that they have reached that goal. The details, such as the shoes, were absolutely incredible and work for any many who wishes to be under the spotlight, the center of attention.

The collection is subtle yet powerful in terms of accessories and colors and is a hallmark of quality the modern man should regard as a staple. We loved the tie pins worn under jacket breast pockets or on lapels.

The fine tailoring of the clothes has a certain sense of humor to it, featuring dreamlike colors and shapes and outstanding fabrics. From crocodile belts to deerskin bags, we can see it all and it’s a rather outstanding picture.

To conclude, we can say that this collection is a very youthful yet refined addition to the SS 2014 season in men’s fashion.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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6 thoughts on “Collection Review: The Canali Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear collection

  1. I like the collection, but the two models in the fourth photo are wearing coats that appear to be too small for them, especially the model on my left as I view the screen. I find it unattractive. Is this the new style? I hope not.

    • Over-sized clothes were very much in style in the seasons, now it seems that some react to it with small clothes.

      However, for casual occasions we usually recommend that the clothes should fit well.

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