Colorful Socks for Men: A Style Adventure (B)

Colorful socks are one of those pieces of accessories that the stylish men of today keep on wearing more and more. It’s great to see men wearing stripes, checkers and even paisley designs on their socks. If you are not already rocking some colorful socks, there’s no better time than now to start wearing them. There’s no wrong age or status to treat yourself to a nice pair of socks!

To get you started, we can recommend that you discover what types of colorful socks you like, whether you like stripes, drawings, polka dots or anything in between. To do so, we can recommend the Happy Socks website, where they offer an extremely wide variety of socks. Designed in Sweden, they fit all tastes, all occasions and all budgets. What we like about Happy Socks is that it is a happy place where you can find colorful socks for yourself, regardless of if you are more conservative or more liberal when it comes to your own style! When you are picking out socks, it’s important that their colors and designs mix well with what you have in your wardrobe (we will discuss this a little later), which is why it’s imperative that you make you picks from a large variety. Let’s look together at some of the aspects one should follow when he decides to have a good sock day!



Why wear colorful socks?

To and answer this question, the first thing you should do is look at colorful socks as accessories, not as a necessity. From here, everything will flow organically and it will make perfect sense.

Wearing colorful socks is definitely a style statement, because it shows that you have put thought into your outfit and that wearing those socks, and by extension, the rest of the clothes you are having on are all deliberate choices.


Big dot socks


Colorful socks, regardless if they have patterns or a simply solid colors, communicate to those you meet that you are putting thought into your outfits, and therefore, the things you say through your clothes are the things you feel. Also, wearing colorful socks is a sign that you are in control of your look and of your life, which is a great signal.




How to incorporate colorful socks in your outfits?

It is generally preferable to wear colored socks with darker outfits, as too bright or too light outfits might make you look like you are wearing a carnival costume. If you wear a rather bright outfit, you can definitely incorporate colorful socks into it, but make sure that they are the same shade as the rest of your clothes. Otherwise, your socks will be the item that will pop out. The reason why you don’t want this to happen is because socks are accessories and should be treated as such. Accessories are supposed to complete and refine an outfit, not be the center piece. However, to showcase your socks and make the best of them, you can pair them with your main piece. For example, if you are wearing a green shirt, you can have socks that come in a green pattern. We don’t recommend that you wear the same pattern twice. For example, a sweater with an argyle patterns does not work very well with socks with an argyle pattern, however, it would work with socks with stripes or even dots.

The reason why wearing colorful socks is so liberal and can be done appropriately in so many ways is because socks are situated almost at the bottom of your look and don’t show very much, so there is not a big chance that they are distracting. This is why pretty much anything works with any kind of suit or outfit.



When to wear colorful socks?


Colorful socks are definitely most appropriate with casual outfits, but they also work with business casual ensembles. The colors and patterns of your socks should be proportionate with the type of setting you are dressing up for. This means that more casual environments are perfect for socks with drawings, sophisticated patterns, very bright colors and you can even mix those with other colorful patterns or solids you might be wearing. Don’t wear colorful socks only on occasions, they are not jewelry and might make you look like you are trying too hard. We’re not saying you should wear them every day, but don’t wear them only on occasions.

If you choose to wear colorful socks in a business environment, you can do so if it’s not a very formal setting, but we’d recommend that you keep your socks either in a solid color (and no pattern) or a very light pattern, such as thin stripes or low-contrasting designs. Make sure you check with your dress code first in case you are working in a very conservative environment.

There is no reason to keep your socks quiet, so you should definitely buy more colorful socks and experiment with patterns, designs and colors. Looking special will make you feel confident and that’s the number one thing one should own when it comes to style!


There you have it! Now you should feel encouraged to have a handsome day and to work those socks like no other guy out there!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What do you think about colorful socks? Do you like to incorporate them in your daily wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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  1. I like colorful socks very much! They are are a great way to add a pop of colors to any outfit! I like to have many colorful socks and when I need them, I just grab a pair that incorporates one of the colors I wear and put it on!

  2. Wearing colorful socks become a passion of modern boys and girls in now a days. But the most important thing is about colorful socks that we should wear according to our dressing sense. Mostly we see that boys and girls wear colorful socks without matching their clots and they thing they looks amazing. you have provided detail information that why, how and when wear colorful socks. You have provided detailed information about that facts about which people doesn’t care. really really thankful to telling me about socks trend.

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