Unleashing Your Inner Designer: Personalized T-shirts

As fashion and technology evolve, creating personalized goods and clothes becomes more and more easy and can be done by anyone from the comfort of their own home. Personalized t-shirts have become quite a trend lately, as more and more services appeared that allow anyone to place an image of their choice on a simple piece of clothing.

Custom t-shirts used to be made only for teams or causes, but recently, with the spread of websites that offer t-shirt printing services, everyone can unleash his inner fashion designer and make his own shirts.

attire-club-tshirt-designTo give you an example, Idakoos is such a website that offers their visitors to make personalized products. You can make anything from t-shirts and mugs to hoodies and tote bags. Idakoos offers you the possibility to either use a design they have uploaded on the website or you can upload your own design. For example, we actually tested the service and got an Attire Club t-shirt, which looks great as far as we’re concerned.



Unleashing your inner designer

With the rise of sites like Idakoos, we can only ask ourselves whether anyone can be a designer. The answer to that question is divided in two. One the one hand, placing a design on a piece of clothing does not make you a designer, and, on the other hand, personalizing a blank canvas is a way to express yourself and to make a t-shirt or a hoodie your own and unique.

Rugby t-shirtPrinting your own design on a piece of clothing is not something very new, but it is a lot easier to be done than it was in the past. Now, with the help of computers and the Internet, you can make a design yourself or find a picture online that you would like to wear.

Customized t-shirts also make good gifts. Even though they generally are gag gifts, they also serve a purpose and can be used by the person who receives them. You can be as creative as you like: from “classic” “I’m with stupid” messages, to something more elegant and sophisticated, your mind is the only limit.



Why make a custom t-shirt

Of course, personalized t-shirts are not a matter of high fashion, proportion, special cut and fabrics (even though, you should wear only quality fabrics), they are a matter of extending your cognizance you want to stamp all over. T-shirt messages are usually simple, clean and clear.

Evidently, there is a difference between a designer t-shirt featuring a hand-painted, special design and a t-shirt created online, but that’s the whole fun in wearing these personalized items and in using t-shirts as an outlet for your creativity.

As the clothes are generally simple: tank tops, t-shirts or hoodies, the focus is placed on the message which is why it does not matter is you are not the best graphic designer in the world or if the message lacks subtlety and grace. It’s all about originality and about something you made with the intent of being what it is.


While we don’t condone fanatic behavior, T-shirts can be used to show support for a sports team or your passion for a country you would like to visit

While we don’t condone fanatic behavior, T-shirts can be used to show support for a sports team or your passion for a country you would like to visit


By buying a t-shirt with a design made by someone else but yourself, you show the same things: that you encourage creativity in all its forms and that on that particular when you are wearing the t-shirt, you are all about the message.


To conclude, we can say that even though customized t-shirts and hoodies are by far high fashion and sophisticated style, they are a fun way to express yourself and make great gifts. Depending on the design, t-shirts can be worn on a lot of occasions: from the gym to sleeping, hiking or, if you get the right design, in a club. There are no rules in the world of custom t-shirts, and that is the whole fun in it.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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6 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Inner Designer: Personalized T-shirts

  1. I think personalized t-shirts are very funny and a good gift or not necessarily only if they are highly PERSONALIZED! it’s not funny anymore to see the same “One Vodka, two Vodkas…” t-shirt 10 times a day!

    • You’re right Gillian, you can’t say a mass-produced item is personalized. However, some jokes still make us laugh even after so much time.

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