The Guide to Casual Pants (B)

The Khaki Slim Fit pants by Rustic Dime

The fashion world today offers more options to men when it comes to casual pants today than it ever has. Everyone needs to have great pants for everyday wear. Even men who wear business pants on a daily basis need to have at least one pair of casual pants.

In this guide, we take a look at the different types of casual pants and break down what each type is about.

With so many places to shop today, there are a lot of on- and offline stores that you can take into consideration when shopping for a new pair of pants. We advise you to always keep your eyes open for new ideas and shopping tips. For example, one place where you can buy all types of casual pants is Rustic Dime, a brand that offers high-quality streetwear to men from all around the world. Inspired by the Los Angeles youth scene, which is where their pants are made, the brand focuses on remaining authentic while keeping their prices affordable to anyone. The reason we like Rustic Dime is because they offer a series of casual pants, making many styles available in one place.

It is always important to find new places to shop and to keep your eyes open to new stores, brands and companies where you might just find something that you needed or like.


When it comes to casual pants, there are many cross designs on the market today, which is why it is always important to know what the basics are. So, without further ado, let’s discover the main types of casual pants for men:



1. Chinos and khakis

Many men use the words “chinos” and “khakis” interchangeably, but, even though there are quite a few similarities between the two styles, there some differences too.

A pair of Polka Dot Black Slim Fit Chinos from Rustic Dime that is sure to attract attention

Chinos have a more military uniform heritage and a more finished look than khakis. A very visible difference between the two styles is that the stitching on khakis is visible, while on chinos, it is concealed.

Another rule, which is not always considered, lies in the type of fabric used for the manufacturing of these pants. Chino pants are generally made from a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric, whereas khakis are usually constructed from a heavyweight 100% cotton fabric.

A third difference lies in the cut of the pants: chinos are usually cut slimmer, with a closer fit than khaki pants. The cut is always an indicator of where and how you should wear a piece: more tailored pants are usually dressier than looser or boxier pants.


Another thing to know is that khakis usually come only in neutral colors, while chinos are found in a wider range of colors. In fashion, neutral colors are colors that can be worn with any other color without having to worry that the two will clash. These colors are black, white, gray, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, etc. If you want to make your pants the central part of your outfit and draw attention to your legs, you should definitely opt for a colorful pair of pants. Wearing neutral pants will shift the focus away from your pants, placing the accent on another item you are wearing. Remember that the most colorful or the most visually-catching item you wear is going to be the center of your outfit, regardless of your intention.



2. Jeans

The Rustic Indigo Slim Fit Jean by RD

One of the most popular items of clothing in the world, jeans are pants almost everyone loves to wear. A great pair of jeans is a pair that makes you look great, that feels comfortable and is flexible and strong at the same time. A lot of men find it frustrating to search for jeans, but on average, it takes 20 tries to find a good pair of jeans.

Jeans come in different cuts, styles and even colors:  a red or yellow pair of jeans is definitely something that will turn a lot of heads, as it is not something people are used to seeing on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for everyday comfort but don’t want to draw attention to the lower part of your body, opt for a classic pair of jeans. We generally recommend wearing dark-wash jeans as they are more comfortable and appear dressier than light-wash jeans.

On the other hand, if you want to benefit from the comfort, warmth and flexibility of a jean, but still wear something that pops, a colorful pair of denim pants is what you need.

Ripped jeans, even though not very stylish, are also something that will draw everyone else’s eyes to your legs and are a definite reference to a rebel personality.

For a safe bet, always wear straight jeans or fitted jeans, but never skinny or baggy jeans.



3. Corduroy

Not very fashionable today, corduroy pants are also a quite good option when it comes to casual pants. They can be worn with anything from causal shirts to jumpers and also look great with a series of different shoes. Corduroy pants can be worn with moccasins or loafers, but they can be also worn with casual brogues or oxfords as well. A pair of neutral corduroys worn with a pair of colorful pair of suede oxfords is a great combination for a casual day out!

The only type of shoes we would not recommend wearing with corduroys is monkstrap shoes. The reason for this is that corduroys have a very casual, youthful vibe to them, while monkstraps usually feature a stoic aesthetic.



4. Joggers

The “Houdini Sunset” joggers by Rustic Dime

Jogging pants also fall under the casual pants category. However, jogging pants are best kept for… jogging. Many men like to wear sweatpants as casual pants, but we recommend to keep joggers for jogging, the gym, or as loungewear. There is nothing wrong with joggers, finding a pair that features a great cut, feels great and frames your body well is very important, but you need to keep them for the appropriate occasions and settings. Wearing joggers outside of the settings we mentioned above might end up looking somewhat lazy and like you don’t care.



5. Shorts

Most shorts usually fall under the “casual pants” category. While some shorts can be worn with suits, most of them are not intended to be worn in more formal settings. A pair of shorts can be dressed up by adding a nice leather belt and by putting on a nice pair of shoes instead of a pair of sneakers. Generally, the average pair of shorts should cut your knees in half, higher or lower is also alright – it all comes down to your personal preference.

We don’t recommend wearing baggy or cargo shorts unless you are at the beach or exploring the woods.


At the end of the day, the choice of pants will come down to your personal preferences and needs, but it is important to know what the different styles are so that you are aware of the available types of casual pants when you are purchasing new pairs of pants.

The great thing about casual pants is that they can be worn with almost anything: from blazers and sweaters to casual shirts and plain t-shirts. Finding a well-fitting and strong pair of casual pants can make you put outfits together easier and you won’t have to worry about buying new pants for a very long time.


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