Different Cities, Different Fashions: Which One Are You?

Just like people, cities have different styles and have their own styles.

And, just like people, a city’s style does not come only from the clothes it owns.

If we were to pick ten of the most stylish cities in the world, we could make a statistic and see which city has the most designer stores, in which city are held the most fashion events and what is the hot spot that draws the most money from style and fashion businesses.  However, this would not necessarily make a good list.

A city is stylish or not, not only because of the fashion that happens in the city, but because of the people who live there as well. It is the spirit and attitude of a city that makes it unique, stylish and remarkable, just like… in the case of people.

Let’s take a look at our selection of the ten most stylish cities in the world, not necessarily ranked as a top 10, and the different styles they have.

Moreover, we also thought of what styles these cities would have if they were to be people and invite you to take the poll and share your comments at the end of the article!




Paris-styleParisParis is the world capital and hot spot for fashion. And this is not only a touristic image the city has. Paris is the home of world-famous brands such as Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, but this is not the only thing that makes it so fashionable. The people who live in Paris have a style spirit that is reflected in the city’s architecture, urban planning, events and everything else.

If Paris were a person, it would be someone who is impeccable even when they’re not impeccable and who is extremely fashionable, by being extremely classic, yet modern at the same time.



New York

New York New York-styleYou can’t say fashion and not think New York. New York City is a city that is remarkable as it has opened its arms to embrace everyone and everything and has made the best of it. New York is like that extremely fashionable person who incorporates surprising elements in its looks and manages to pull them off incredibly.




MilanMilan, or Milano as Italians call it, is a city that is stylish, but very, very fashion-conscious. People in Milan know they are trendy and always want to make sure they will stay on top of the latest fashions. Milan is like a fashionisto who is always running to the next store to be the first one to have it, the first one to wear it and the first one to say when it’s out of style. This must be that hot Italian spirit you so often hear about.




LondonLondon-styleOn the other hand, the British capital is the person who knows that his Burberry trench coat is timeless and elegant and that if something’s not broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed. London is a guy who is all about heritage, but who is open to new trends and things he’s never seen before. Of course, it might take a while until these get incorporated in the overall landscape, but London is always keeping an eye out for the next great thing. In the end, so much of our global culture has come from the slow but steady London.




MelbourneMelbourne-styleMelbourne, which is one of the greatest cities in Australia, is known as one of Australia’s shopping meccas. Melbourne is a very culturally diverse city, which is what makes it such a stylish city. People in Melbourne are not afraid to take fashion risks, to be always a step ahead of the curve and to try something else if the first thing didn’t work out for them. Their open and sunny spirit is what makes them so special and, more than that, Melbourne is a true teacher of style: Try it, and if it doesn’t work, move on!




TokyoTokyo-styleThe Japanese capital might be the home of a series of high-end stores, but this is just part of the reason why Tokyo is on the list. Tokyo is not a city that only takes in fashions from the outside, but also provides the world with a unique perspective on style: quirky, original and slightly odd are the words that describe Tokyo-fashion best. The Japanese capital is known to be the birthplace of several style subcultures, so if you are interested in anything from Cosplay to Steampunk, Tokyo might be the city for you.



São Paulo

Sao PauloSao Paulo-styleWe all know South-Americans are people who love their style. With an eye for color and for really extreme beauty, this Brazilian city won’t stop at nothing to be stylish. In São Paulo, spending a lot of time choosing your wardrobe for the day is included in the schedule. And in the end, there’s nothing wrong with it: if your clothes can influence yourself and your relationships with others, shouldn’t you make the best of them?




RomeRome-styleThere wouldn’t be a list of the most fashionable cities in the world if Rome was not on the list. The Italian capital has kept its status as the eternal city and continues to be a central point for art, architecture and fashion.

Slightly different than Milan, Rome is more conservative and enjoys to celebrate that timeless Italian style. If Rome were a man, it would wear sharply-tailored suits, slicked hair and would be smoking a cigar. Even though Rome is crowded and kind of chaotic, its inhabitants make sense of it and own their faults, transforming them in their qualities, which is why we love the Italian capital.




BarcelonaBarcelona-styleJust a short distance from Rome, Barcelona is another fashion capital of the world. Unlike Rome, Paris or Milan, Barcelona is the home if indie and unconventional fashions. Forward-thinking and independent, if Barcelona were a person, it would have an involved, yet detached attitude towards the world that would be expressed through its light clothes and unconventional combinations.




AmsterdamAmsterdam-styleThe Dutch capital makes it on the list because of its romantic, timeless and refined atmosphere. Amsterdam is a mix between everything: it has a little Roman charm, but is also a little Barcelona indie. It has something of Tokyo’s craziness, but it is accessorized with some Melbourne attitude. Amsterdam is continuously redefining itself and is always looking to become something else. One thing the Dutch won’t do though, is to compromise on quality and on doing things the right way.


There you have it! This is what we think would describe these 10 amazing fashion cities and their equivalents in people! Which city are you? Take our poll and let us know which city you are:



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15 thoughts on “Different Cities, Different Fashions: Which One Are You?

  1. Loving Rome! But I myself are more of a Barcelona girl I guess! 😀 What about you guys, do you find yourself loving a certain style most but being in a different category? Happy New Year xx

  2. Paris is definitely tempting, but I’m a London guy. You can’t beat their impeccable tailoring! I’d probably spend all my time on Savile Row shopping at places like Gieves & Hawkes, Huntsman and Henry Poole & Co. Great post!

  3. That was a great post ! I love how you not only described each city’s style and feeling but also personified them like if they were a person ! The poll at the end is a nice touch as well ! (:


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