The Relation Between Colors and Personality

Most people have a favorite color. For some, the color they prefer changes with time, while for others, it can remain the same for a very long time.

Many scientists have proven that colors influence us in subtle way, by stimulating perceptions that are not obvious, for example the taste of food. According to color psychology researchers, colors can be also used as placebos – apparently the color of your pills can make you feel differently after taking it. Red and orange placebo pills, for example, seem to have a stimulating effect on the person taking them.

Color psychology, the field that studies color as a determinant of human behavior, is also intensely used in branding and advertising. Certain colors are associated with certain emotions, fields of life and notions. For example, as we already said, red is associated with action, green with calmness, yellow with energy, and so on. The reason behind this seems to be embedded in our DNA: red is the color of action and energy because the more tense we get, the more rapidly blood flows through our bodies and we tend to become more red. Green is a calming color because we associate it with nature, which we mostly associate with a calm and soothing primordial setting. Yellow is associated with energy because we associate the color yellow with the sunlight.

Following this logic, there are many things we can explain, such as why blue is the most common “favorite color” and why it is considered such a universal color. Given that everywhere in the world the sky in its clear and natural form is blue and that water is also often perceived as blue, and since these elements are universal; it is only normal for blue to be a universal color, as everyone can relate to it.


Given that colors do have an impact on the way we feel, which makes fashion a great tool to use if one wants to change their mood, it can be also said that your favorite color says something about you. In fashion, the colors you wear can impact your attitude and your daily lifestyle.

Researchers are still studying the way they and you can learn more about who you are deep down by analyzing your favorite color.

Let’s take a look at what a series of colors, their significance, and what they say about the people who like them:



If your favorite color is red, you are an action-driven person. You are dynamic and fiery and don’t like to take “no” for an answer. People who like red tend to be outgoing, outspoken and out and about! Red lovers are often sexually charged and extroverts.



People who like the color orange also tend to like and to be driven by energy. Orange lovers have a need to be surrounded by other people, to be accepted, to be part of a group and to socialize. These people also like challenges and to do their best to solve different issues. Lovers of orange are also good-natured, curious and restless.



Having yellow as a favorite color means that you have a need of a mathematical, logical order in your life. People who like yellow want to express themselves through their logical mind and thinking and enjoy creating new ideas. Yellow is the color of wisdom and many people who like the color yellow tend to associate themselves with scientists, developers and other analytical thinkers.



People who like the color green have a need of belonging, safety and security at the same time. For those whose favorite color is green, being acknowledged and accepted is a big part of life. Green lovers tend to be community-oriented, they are usually honest, but would rather keep the peace and stay quiet than getting into an argument.



If blue is your favorite color, you want to have a better understanding of the world and of your inner self. Many people who like blue are compassionate, caring and highly introspective. Blue lovers don’t like to change their point of view and are looking to achieve peace and truth according to their standards.



Those whose favorite color is indigo are very open people who believe that we can all be our best. For them, spirituality, intuition and belonging are highly important. People who like indigo are often interested in humanities, culture and like to be civilized.


Purple or violet



Lovers of purple and violet are putting a big accent on emotion, order and perfection. They like humanitarian projects, nobility but also to be interesting and witty, as well as creative and caring.



Pink is the color of innocence. Those who love pink are usually people who want to be loved unconditionally. Lovers of pink want to live a sheltered life and are often gentle and sensitive.



In case your favorite color is magenta, it is most likely that you are a person who is a non-conformist and who enjoys having a point of view that is different. Most magenta-lovers are free spirits, who like to tackle taboos and improve the lives of others and of themselves, at whatever the cost.



People who like brown want to live in a world where safety, comfort and meaningful relationships rule. These people are mature, intelligent and understand that sometimes things are deeper than they seem to be.




Lovers of black are people who enjoy having power and control over things. Those who love black are generally determined, focused and pro-active and wish to get things done quickly and well. People who like black are impressive and dignified, but don’t like to show off and to be ostentatious.



Those who like white have a need for simplicity and independence. People who like white tend to be meticulous and careful. Just think about it: white is a color that can be stained easily, so it takes a very careful person to keep white things clean. Whites often tend to consider themselves self-sufficient.



In case your favorite color is gray, you might be a person who is balanced, reliable and cool. Grays are calm, composed and reliable. Grays prefer to maintain the status quo and to make sure that good things that work well in the present are well-kept.


It is interesting how these characteristics, even though they are all positive ones, can be faults as well. This is why it is important to keep yourself balanced and to maintain a ground level.


Your favorite color is a great indicator of the way you see life and of your attitude towards the world. Understanding your favorite color can be a great tool to know more about yourself: your favorite things, but also your flaws, your temper and your constellation of traits.


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