The 6 Best Menswear Looks at the 2015 Met Gala

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. Formally called the “Costume Institute Gala”, the event brings together many celebrities from the fields of fashion, music, film and entertainment. The event, also known as the Met Ball, is a fundraising gala that benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The ball also marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit.

Each year, the event, which among fashion aficionados is also called “The Anna Wintour Party”, has a theme according to which the attendees are expected to dress. Of course, it is not mandatory to dress up according to it, but it is appreciated.

This year’s theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”, with the official dress code being “Chinese white tie”. Vogue Social Editor Chloe Malle put it best before the gala, as she said that she was not sure “anyone really knows what that means, so it will be interesting to see how guests interpret it.”

The theme itself, as well as the guests’ outfits caused a bit of a controversy in the media world, especially in social media outlets, as they were interpreted as racist.

Of course, the controversy around a fashion event that set out to celebrate Chinese culture rises the meta-question “what is racist?”

While some people might have interpreted the theme in a wrong way, we believe that we need to be able to make the difference between “celebrating cultural particularities” and “racism”. While it is true that stereotypes are a bad interpretation of cultural particularities, it cannot be said that anything that relates to a group’s aesthetic is automatically racist. Racism can happen by ignorance (for example considering any Asian aesthetic and element Chinese), which is in no way an excuse, and it can also happen by bad intent. Of course, the ways in which people celebrate a certain culture are a matter of taste and, by extension, interpretation, and intent is the only thing that actually differentiates racism from celebration.

If you are wearing typical Chinese (or any other) motifs, it does not make you a racist, unless you wear them with a negative, derogatory connotation that is discriminatory or that reinforces stereotypes, such as relating the Chinese culture only to Chinese food.

Even though there was a lot of controversy around the event, on Monday the 4th, the gala opened its doors in New York City.

Dozens of celebrities and the designers who create their clothes walked the red carpet into the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s launch of their newest exhibit.


Even though most people comment and look at the ladies’ dresses, which were of all types, let’s take a moment and focus on the best dressed men at the 2015 Met Gala.



Matt Bomer


Matt Bomer


Actor Matt Bomer came to the event wearing a very classic outfit. The well-tailored suit, accessorized with a bow tie, and a noticeable pocket square makes for a timeless outfit that goes well to any event that is located on the dressier side. His look is a great fashion lesson of how to dress to any upscale event.



Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber


One of the evening’s surprises was Justin Bieber who came to the Met Ball wearing a great jacket paired with a fancy pair of sunglasses. Of course, his good look does not necessarily mean that he is mature by any means, but we did dig it without a doubt, we hope he learned something from it and wish the Beebs the best!



Wu Yifan


Wu Yifan


Chinese actor Wu Yifan showed up wearing a fabulous white jacket paired with a great white shirt and a black tie. Gentlemen, if you wish to still look classic but to draw the eye as well, a white suit or just a white jacket or pair of pants is the way to go.



Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs and Cher


Probably the most present surprise of the evening was Marc Jacobs. The fashion designer fulfilled one of his long-time dreams and showed up at the event with none other than Cher. While in other years Marc has went for outlandish looks, this year he chose to wear classic attire and looked great wearing it!



Dwyane Wade


Dwayne Wade Met Gala 2015


Basketball player Dwayne Wade wore a series of beautiful accessories that made him look simply outstanding. His look goes to show how adding simple jewelry pieces or other accessories, such as the red band, can change the whole look of his outfit.



Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson


The Twilight actor also gave everyone a lesson of how you can look simple yet sophisticated at the same time. His neck accessory was really the star of his outfit, which, without it, would have looked rather bland and could have gone absolutely unnoticed. Of course, the cut of his pieces is great, but the neck piece made the whole look.


To conclude, it can be said that, even though these men did not sport very Chinese-looking outfits, they managed to wear classic attire in such a way that it was appropriate for a fashion event such as the Met Gala.

Adding an element of surprise to an outfit, such as a great accessory, an interesting pattern or an unexpected color can have great sartorial results if done with taste and elegance. A classic look can work just as well, as some things are not only timeless, but universal as well.


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138 thoughts on “The 6 Best Menswear Looks at the 2015 Met Gala

    • Dear Juanita,

      Thank you for the comment! Wu Yifan definitely looked great! We’ll look forward to seeing what he does next.


  1. Everyone looked great, but my baby WuYiFan looked the best. My dear Fanfan, do u know what a visual slayage you are!??! I can literally die seeing u in that white tux!! <3<3<3

  2. All the Costumes were very elegants actually, but only one man among those six catch your eyes in a second, and this man is wearing the Givenchy white tuxedo, Wu YiFan. He’s totally decontracted, like he owns the outfit, it just feels like the Designer dedicated himself to sublimate the Artist. This is the moment when you think : “Fashion is Art”.

  3. I’m a big fan of Wu Yifan ever since he wasn’t an actor yet [you know what I mean] and I genuinely think that he looked pretty elegant among all of those men or should I say he always look good all the time? Anyhow, he’s the most attractive Asian that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So grateful for his existence.

  4. Wuyifan is great. He has really good body that makes he looks great on every kind of fashion he wears. This tux is awesome on him.. he looks elegance. Hopefully we can see him more as a model in big fashion brand..

    • He definitely has a great attitude too. On Attire Club we always say that your attitude has a lot to do with the way you look and carry yourself!

  5. Wu Yifan by far is the best for me. A simple but catchy and elegant well tailored white givenchy jacket looks classy on him and with that plain white shirt and black pants along with black tie. A classy Black and White attire with a perfectly combed hair and sharp eyes.. I like it~

  6. I’ve always been a fan of Kris Wu/Wu YiFan for three years now since he was still in Korea. i always love his fashion style and everywhere he goes, always turns out to be a runway. He looks so classy yet stylish in this white suit. Like yeah it is very simple but he nailed it. He looks like a gorgeous wax figure like seriously, i am so loving him. That suit is really fine with this 6″2 young lad. Hope to see him again in a street fashion again tho~ you guys should check him out.

    • Dear Sydney,

      Thank you for the comment! We are going to consider making a whole Kris Wu style feature in the near future! Make sure to subscribe to our website to see it when it goes live!


      • OMG! Thank you for thinking of considering that style feature. You really gotta check his airport photos. He definitely has a unique sense of fashion.

    • We’re sure he’s very appreciative of his fans too: they vote, they share the article and are overall great supporters!

  7. Wu Yifan is just like a refreshing breeze of summer~The silk collar of Givenchy is a reference to its royal fragrance.

  8. Please make a full photo shoot and article about WuYiFan n I guarantee, meigeni (his fans) arround the world will crazy to have it!!

    • We are definitely going to consider creating a whole post about him! Make sure you subscribe to our website and follow us on our social media to see the article when it goes live!

  9. Wu Yi Fan waving to his fans who waited so long for him, that already shows his great personality no doubt that Wu Yi Fan is really kind and polite. =) Looking forward to seeing him more in these big events.

  10. Wu Yifan looked amazing as he always does! Haha you’ll get to see a lot more of him in the future! That guy is slowly taking over the world! ^_^

  11. Kris Wu is the best!!! I love his outfit. He look really cool, handsome and charming in his Givenchy outfit. I hope you can give him more and more opportunities for him. He’s very good at fashion. Thank you so much

  12. Yifan looked really super handsome here!
    I totally loved his white tuxedo. His style is really elegant and pretty. I hope you will feature him soon!
    Wu Yifan Wo ai ni! Meigenis will always love and support you!
    And I’m really proud of Meigenis making Yifan leading the poll with such a big gap!

    • Thank you very much for your comment! Make sure you subscribe to our website to stay tuned with new articles!

  13. He is not a kpop star anymore, he is now an actor in China. I’m glad he is getting some recognition out of Asia. My vote is for him! It would be nice to know more about him while on the Met Gala.

    • Well, he is still a star 😀

      We’re happy we would popularize him, he’s presence at the Met Gala was great!

  14. Wu Yifan looks simple, classy and elegant. The white suit makes him looks so Godly Handsome. Thank you Givenchy, Vogue and MetGala for such opportunity 🙂 And Thank you Attire Club for creating this voting line.

  15. Thank you for including this precious man Wu Yi Fan. Simple, but gorgeous look, I think the best outfit, and I’m not saying this because I support him. So proud of him, that he went to this amazing event. So proud! Feeling thankful to all people that help our Fanfan baby to shine like a star. He really deserve it!

    Also I want to noticed Roberts outfit. He is the icon of good looking in the different suit, and I hope that Wu Yi Fan can prove himself like style icon too. Sorry Patt, maybe nextime I give my vote to you. But it’s Fanfan time to shine 🙂

  16. Kris Wu/Yi fan!! the best! lo he apoyado durante 3 años,y me alegro que tenga la oportunidad que lo reconozcan por su gran estilo! from Chile <3

  17. Kris Wu is the best!!! He look reall cool, handsome and charming in his Givenchy outfit. I’m looking forward to see him as a model of Givenchy fashion. Thank you so much

  18. Kris WU is the best guy one in the event
    hopefully, WuYiFan will bring Galaxy style come out!!

  19. Thank you for addressing the difference between racism and celebrating cultural particulars. Every culture has a specific dress, style, color, and symbology behind it, and wearing it isn’t necessarily racist. Being insensitive towards those differences and using them for derogatory purposes is disrespectful and inappropriate. Assuming things like all Asian cultures are the same or like you said, equating Chinese food with Chinese fashion is not the way to go.

    In terms of the fashion, I’m thrilled you chose to focus on menswear. I’ve always loved tailoring and love nothing more than a clean, sleek, sophisticated suit!

    • Dear Brooke,

      Than you very much for the lovely comment. We are glad you agree with us and that you enjoyed the post!

      Keep in touch!


  20. YES! to this article, so much fuss has been made about the ladies who attended, its nice to see some press on the men. I cant believe I’m saying this but I like Justin’s outfit the best, I look at that embroided jacket and my mind goes to Asia/China! Have a good Sunday! Ps big thanks for the support for my show!

    • Dear Biki,

      We are glad you liked the article. Justin’s look was a pleasant surprise to us too! Have a great day too!


  21. Wu Yi Fan <3 Galaxy man looks best in anything and everything. So proud of how far he has come ^-^ I love you Kris!!!! I could've seen him had I not been 10 min.s late T.T Next time when you come to NYC I'll make sure to see you and show my support! Fighting!

  22. obviously kris. (altho his hair was not the best. prefer it to be blond) like whenever they (exo) were asked who was the most fashionable one or the one who cared the most about his appearance, all of them pointed to kris. he spends the most too. like for one of his former member’s birthday (chanyeol), there were members who bought mouthwash and gardening gloves (maknaes sehun and kai) for the birthday boy because they didnt want to make him feel burdened. but kris on the other hand saw a pair of spongebob undies and found out they were expensive. he said he’ll come back later, and at the end he bought them AND an expensive shirt. was my bias and always will be my bias in exo and be my ultimate bias.

  23. Everyone looked great, even Justin Bieber looked dashing. My favorite though is Kris Ge, his black and white suit was simple, yet he gave it a certain elegance to it. I really hope to see more of Mr. Wu in the future, his fans will never get tired of waiting for him
    Mr. Wu Fighting

    • Thank you for sharing your opinions on the guys’ looks! Stay tuned for more of your favorites on AC!

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