How a Good Polo Shirt Should Fit (B)

The polo shirt is a great, versatile item that every man should have in his wardrobe.

A well-fitting polo shirt is a timeless and practical item that can be a part of a great spring or summer look.

Polo shirts make for great substitutes for t-shirts, as they give any casual outfit style and sophistication, which is what you are looking for even in very casual outfits.

Regardless of your age or body type, every man should have a few polo shirts in his wardrobe.


A polo shirt that fits like a glove will enhance your good parts and hide those that you wish to camouflage. It will make you look structured and modern and can be easily layered – it goes well with both a blazer and a vest!


Let’s take a look at the things you need to look at to choose a well-fitting polo shirt:




White polo shirtThe body, or torso of a polo shirt is probably the most important part of the design of such a shirt. You can tell that a polo shirt fits well when you can pinch between 1 to 2 in / 2,5 to 5 cm of fabric on either side of your stomach.

This rule applies for any body type – nobody should wear polo shirt that is either too tight or too loose.

Basically, the body should be slim enough to create a silhouette based on your shape, not tightness.




A polo shirt should end between the upper part and middle part of your crotch. Generally, the longer version is better, as it allows you more freedom to move and can be better tucked in your pants.




Red polo shirtThe sleeves of a well-fitting polo shirt should hit around mid-bicep and hug your arms, but not be too tight. You will notice that some polo shirts have a ribbed band at the end of the sleeve, which hugs it a bit tighter, but that is fine as well.

This part can be an issue for younger guys or for thinner men, as you might find a polo shirt with a body that fits, but with arms that don’t fit very well. What you can do is tailor it or own it and roll with it.

Also, when it comes to the sleeves, the sleeve seam should fall on the edge of your shoulder.




The way the buttons are laid out is a very important part of a polo shirt. Make sure they end no further than the top of your armpits. If they go lower, when open, the polo shirt will look like it has a very deep v-neck, which is not a very flattering.

The reason why this is relevant is because wearing a polo shirt with the first button or the first two buttons unbuttoned makes for a great look, as it frames your face and makes it look good.

Therefore, when you are trying on a polo shirt, regardless of the number of buttons it has, make sure you try it on with the top two buttons unfastened and see how it looks.




Teal polo shirtWhile most designer polo shirts don’t have tails (meaning the polo shirt is longer in the back than in the front) anymore, some of them still do. This, of course, is an optional feature, we it is generally recommended to wear a polo shirt that doesn’t feature any tails.





The size of the collar is not something you should be very concerned with. Polo shirt collars are pretty standard across all brands. You just need to make sure the collar is not too small.



Polo shirts are one of the most versatile pieces a man can own: they can be worn with everything from long pants to shorts, from sandals to loafers and so on. They are ideal for a good summer look and can be worn both during the day and during the night.

Due to its breathability and design, you will feel very comfortable in a quality polo shirt, which is why we recommend investing in a good polo. Regardless of whether you are hitting the beach, the town or the tennis court, the polo shirt is a great item to sport on a warm day in or out.


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