Style Guide: What is a Go-To Watch? (B)

1713-139With the rise of digital technologies, watches have shifted their main function from telling the time to being accessories that elevate the wearer’s style and let others know who you are without saying a word. A great watch that features both an impressive array of complications and that has a captivating visual appeal is something you definitely must have in your wardrobe.

If you are not one to have many watches, you should definitely have one good, go-to watch, which you can wear in any context and with any clothes.



A good example




To make our case, we will take a look at the newest watch from Swiss label Ulysse Nardin, which is the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon. The label, launched in 1846 by a 23 year old watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin, has since won 4,300 watchmaking awards, including 18 gold medals. Today, they are known for their state of the art watches and for their unexpected visual twists, in terms of aesthetics. The Executive Skeleton Tourbillon is a distinctive and modern timepiece that, despite its substantial 45 mm in diameter, is very light, but commands a presence with its oversized Roman numerals and creative hands. Also, from a technical point of view, the watch’s visual appeal is matched by its complex mechanics. The exceptional power reserve of 170 hours and tourbillon made from silicium and the manually wound UN-171 Manufacture movement indicating the hours and minutes tuned for endurance and accuracy recommend it as one of the most impressive watches of the season.

The Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton Tourbillon makes a great example of a go-to watch, as it features essential characteristics and advantages of such a watch.


Features and advantages of a go-to watch




Having a go-to watch is useful from both a practical and a stylistic point of view.



A go-to watch is a timepiece that must be extremely versatile. In fashion, versatility means that it goes with anything in terms of clothes and that it can be worn in any context. Therefore, a go-to watch can be for example, metallic, as metals are neutrals and go with any color, as well as with any other metals, but also matte. Shiny watches don’t always go in any context, but an opaque metallic watch surely does. When you are searching for a go-to watch, always opt for one that is simple, but that still makes an impact and is sophisticated.


Always handy

_executive-skeleton-tourbillon_A versatile timepiece offers the advantage that it is easy to pick: unlike other accessories such as a tie, which implies choosing the right knot and knowing how to do it, or a bow tie, which can be stressful to choose, having a go-to watch will assure you that you will always have an element to style up even a very standard outfit. Moreover, as we already mentioned, a watch only requires a few seconds to put on and the only decision you need to make is the arm on which you will wear it.


A symbol

_executive-skeleton-tourbillonFor many people, and in many working fields, a watch is an essential style accessory. People who work on Wall Street for example love wearing watches as an indicator of their job – and that makes sense: men who work in banks for example always need to dress according to a dress code, which does not leave much room to communicate your job or personality, which is where a good watch comes in.

Moreover, in certain European cultures or companies, wearing a great watch is a symbol that you are a professional.

Also, a watch can be a great style statement during an interview, but you shouldn’t make it all about the watch and try to impress the interviewer with it, not even in a subtle way.


You’ll be on time

While it is highly obvious that a watch is meant to show the time, it does happen for your phone to run out of battery from time to time. In that case, you won’t be reachable, but at least you will be able to be on time. Of course, you can ask people for the time or always look at public watches, but looking at your watch is a lot better.


You’ll be in control

Not only will you always be able to tell the time, but wearing a watch will make you look more confident even if your phone is working. Always fishing for a big phone to check the time can look a bit desperate, while a glance at your wrist will make you appear more confident and relaxed.

Having a go-to watch will bring not only style to your outfits and communicate lots about you, but it will also give you confidence and a positive attitude, as, as we always say, when you look great, you will also feel that way. This is why we definitely recommend investing in a watch that will match your needs, your style and your wardrobe and that will go a long way.

Also, because we mentioned the new watch by Ulysse Nardin, we invite you to watch their latest video here:



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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