Metafashion: Why Your Home Environment is Important

winter-wooden-cabinHaving your ducks in a row is such an obvious thing that it often gets unnoticed and neglected. On AC, we focus on the way your clothes will have you navigate through life better and make the best of your attitude and passions, but we also insist that you need to take care of all aspects of living in order to have the best life you can. We call all these other things “metafashion”.

One aspect of metafashion that is truly important is the way you live: your home environment.

Having a good home environment is crucial if you want to have a great daily experience. Whether you live in a small town in Asia, in a European capital, in a Brazilian village or in a fancy condo in New York City, you should make the best of your living space.

Here are the three main things you should care for when it comes to your home:




hammock-homeHaving a good home environment is important not only because it provides you with physical comfort, but it also gives you an emotional comfort. Having a good home that is yours and that you can take refuge in after a long day is a very important aspect of life that can boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook of the world.

We often insist that having your clothes and grooming in order is crucial for your emotional state and the same thing applies to your living environment.

This is why it is very important to make your place comfortable. Comfort means feeling like home, there is no precise definition for that, so whatever comfort is for you, do your best to achieve that in your home.




A dirty place will make you feel bad without even realizing why you feel this way or even that you actually feel this way. Being clean, polished and refined, whatever your living conditions are, should be on the top of your priority list. It will not only benefit your mental state, but it will also help your health, as living in a clean space will reduce the risk of conditions that form slowly in time.




interior-design-computerIn today’s world, technology is so strongly embedded in our lives that is has almost become second nature. This is why it is crucial not only to have your technology in a row – your television set, your phone, your washing machine, etc., but the meta-technology aspect as well. Outlets, power lines and everything else should be at your service 24/4, easily accessible and always working well. This is why it is important to adapt your outlets and power lines to your needs and to make sure a pro is verifying their conditions at least twice a year.


All in all, it can be said that having all your ducks in a row is a very important aspect of living: having your objects, your looks and your home environment work at full capacity for you can help you boost your confidence and attitude and will do wonders for you.


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