The Best-Dressed Men from the 2016 MelOn Music Awards

The 2016 MelOn Music Awards, also known as the MMA, have just wrapped up in the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea and were an energetic and emotional event.

K-pop fans from all around the world watched the show with enthusiasm and were excited to see their favorite stars perform and win awards for their work.

K-pop stars and in general Asian music stars are known for their big groups, their dynamic sound and their particular style.

Take a look at our fashion edit below and decide for yourself who was the best-dressed at the 2016 MelOn Music Awards.






The winners of the MBC Music Star Award went for mostly white suits in which they looked very elegant and polished. The boy band definitely wanted to dress up in eveningwear for the event and they did it in a fun and young way, keeping it appropriate for the event type. To do this, they went for relaxed haircuts and casual shoes. Well done!







The EXO guys who, by the way, had a great performance at the end of the show, must have thought of something sweet when they chose their outfits. Their clothes definitely reminded us of candy or chocolate, as the boys wore shades of brown and coffee for the red carpet and a stage appearance. Great job!







When it comes to iKON, we always love the styling of the boys. The iKON guys always make sure to add something special to their looks, such as a pop of color, to make sure they are each unique, while they are connected in the group. Whoever said red hair doesn’t work for men should think again!



Sechs Kies




The winner of the Hall of Fame award, Sechs Kies really looked unique with their take on streetwear. Wearing animal prints, bold colors and patterns and embellishments such as jacket pins, the guys brought the show to the stage! Really cool!







The 10cm duo boys complemented each other on the stage of the 2016 Melon Music Awards, with one of the members wearing a beautiful red jumper (we loved the wide white neckline) and the other one a jacket in a deep neutral brown. We really liked the fact that they worked together to put on a group look as well as individual looks. And, the hat was not bad either.







Singer Zico took the stage more times this evening, each time bringing a new look with himself. We especially enjoyed the rappers tie and jacket look – we felt the tie went really well with his haircut. In a way, the textures and colors balanced each other out and made for a mature, yet youthful look.



The 2016 MelOn Awards were definitely a place of great style. Korean stars always know how to put on a show for their fans, both from a singing and dancing point of view, as well as from a style point of view. We know that K-pop fans from all over the world are already looking forward to the 2016 MAMA, which will be held at the beginning of December, and so are we!



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Fraquoh and Franchomme






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